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“What a bother.”
Sun Nov 1, 2015 03:01

A rather gaudy beach ball that was floating in the air dipped down before bouncing up again. It prodded a brown-aquamarine maniple field at the man it was trying to converse with without much success. “That would be me,” it said.

The man’s posture suggested discomfort; his expression was hidden behind the white Keffiyeh he wore wrapped around his head. He stuck his hands inside the pockets of his brown longcoat. “You have it in you,” he said, his voice muffled. “Or, rather, I’d suspect you if this was real.”

  • Michael has some announcements.Alleb, Sun Nov 1 00:37
    It took Michael a minute or two to reach the stage again, but he managed. He climbed up and motioned for the band to quiet down, which caught most of the crowd's attention. "Good evening!" he said,... more
    • ((Closing remarks!))Alleb, Sun Nov 29 20:51
      After an entire month, I'm finally wrapping this up. I'm sorry I took so long; it was irresponsible of me. And now, for the conclusion that no one was expecting!... more
      • ((I had a blast!))SeaTurtle, Sun Nov 29 23:43
        ((Thanks for hosting this. It was really fun!))
      • Cop-out! Cop-out, I say!eatpraylove, Sun Nov 29 21:35
        But other than that, this was really fun! I hope we can do it again next year! By the way, what's the prize for the costume contest?
        • I hope so too!Alleb, Sun Nov 29 21:47
          Perhaps a bit of a cop-out. ^_^ It was fun to write, though. I'm glad you enjoyed the rest! Chris gets a massive sack of candy. -Alleb
    • Chris and Miguel arrived at the stage area.eatpraylove, Sun Nov 1 21:22
      "It's a shame she died," said Miguel, trying to be "in-character." "I hear she went flamethrower-crazy after killing that Rose Potter chick." "If you ask me, that girl who found her did it," Chris... more
      • "Bwah?"Iximaz, Sun Nov 1 22:05
        Zeb stopped short and turned, careful to not let the tea spill out of the cups he'd been holding. "Oh. Yeah. We did that. Thanks." He gave a weak grin. "Ask away!"
        • Miguel grinned back, hoping to ease the tension.eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 18:31
          "I promise they won't be too nosy. Anyway, if you had to attack the Aviator--say, if that was the only way to keep her from blowing up something important--what move would you use? Also, does she... more
          • Zeb anxiously shifted his weight.Iximaz, Mon Nov 2 18:49
            "Um, probably Thunder Wave, followed by Thunder Fang? And I knew her last two bodies were allergic to Bleeprin, but I don't know about this one. Maybe?" He thought for a moment. "Oh, I know Time... more
            • "Kind of." Miguel ate a handful of M&Ms.eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 21:22
              "One last question before I go bother one of the other suspects: Do you think Michael was too obvious in trying to make Chase look guilty? This isn't exactly on-topic, it just seemed odd that only... more
              • "Dunno."Iximaz, Mon Nov 2 21:50
                "I thought he was just adding it for some flare." Zeb shrugged. "Sorry I can't help more."
    • "Cease your laughter," he snapped at her. "You've no call to mock such dastardly accusations; there is peace between us!" "You should totally, like, lighten up," Flora told him. She was still... more
      • Miguel approached the strange group.eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 22:49
        "Excuse me, can I reach over you for a minute?" He grabbed one of the crackers that the dramatic girl had taken. "Thanks. By the way, I'm Miguel and I'm participating in the investigation. Could I... more
        • "Wha--oh. Uh, certainly."DawnFire, Thu Nov 5 18:44
          Chase smiled at Miguel, trying to look inherently trustworthy. Judging by Flora's subsequent giggles, he looked rather silly; he stopped. "You have certain questions, I presume?" Flora leaned back... more
          • "Yup. I promise not to be too nosy."eatpraylove, Fri Nov 6 16:15
            "First question: Had you heard of the Aviator before she went into Rose Potter and/or...that other one?" He successfully resisted the urge to spit on the ground.
            • Chase stared at him.DawnFire, Fri Nov 6 16:46
              "Is not Rose Potter a name?" he asked, and then paused. "Is it, perchance, a building? A school? I have not heard of it. As to the Aviator, I have never heard tell of her before today, nor have I... more
    • “What a bother.” — Desdendelle, Sun Nov 1 03:01
      • "Hey, which one of you is Amris?"eatpraylove, Tue Nov 3 07:14
        "My name's Miguel. I'm participating in the investigation, and I need to ask him some questions about the Aviator." Hopefully Amris will be more helpful than Chase, he thought.
        • The man shook his head.Desdendelle, Tue Nov 3 14:02
          “Backrow,” he offered as an explanation. “I’m Amris,” the beach ball said. It poked Chris with a maniple-field. “What do you want?”
          • "O...K, then."eatpraylove, Tue Nov 3 14:50
            "First question: Is it possible for robots like you to do damage without leaving a mark on the target?" ((OOC: Um, Miguel's doing the investigating, not Chris. Chris is in the costume party.))
            • The beach-ball tilted to one side.Desdendelle, Tue Nov 3 15:13
              “Define ‘leaving a mark’,” it said. “Rather: define the observing party.” “OK, can I go now?” the man asked. ((OOC: Derp.))
              • "Yeah, go ahead," said Miguel.eatpraylove, Tue Nov 3 19:49
                "Also, I'm talking about a visible mark, such as a scar or entry wound." Weirdest. Robot. Ever.
                • Despite what he said...Desdendelle, Wed Nov 4 15:49
                  Backrow made no move to go. He did put his hand in a pocket, adjusting his keffiyeh with the other. Something grey pulsated inside the beach ball. “Again: define the observing party,” it said.... more
                  • "Ugh, never mind."eatpraylove, Wed Nov 4 18:04
                    "Next question: What's your general opinion of Time Lords?"
                    • The beach ball dipped in the air.Desdendelle, Wed Nov 4 18:15
                      “As a race? They are somewhat curious, what with their regeneration process,” it said. “The victim? “Aviator”? I have not met her.” Backrow, meanwhile, calmed down and crossed his hands, leaning... more
                      • Finally, a straight answer, Miguel thought.eatpraylove, Wed Nov 4 18:39
                        "OK, last question: Do those fields you've been poking people with have the ability to injure sentient beings?" Miguel was reasonably sure, by this point, that Zeb wasn't the killer. Chase hadn't... more
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