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Alleb's training only gave her so much endurance...
Sun Nov 1, 2015 18:31

...and her threshold had nearly been passed by the injury to begin with.

As such, she howled like every wolvin in Yewland was after her.

"GREAT GALLOPING MOONRASCALS!!" she shrieked. This was like eating ten pots of Elsbeth's stew in fifteen minutes, then crowding all of the following agony into fifteen seconds. "WHAT IN KING ELIAM'S NAME DID YOU DO!? I--"

She cut off when she realized that, unlike a few seconds ago, she could move her fingers. She blinked a few times and tested further; she could curl and uncurl them, even make a tight fist. "What did you do?" she repeated softly.

Just then, Michael re-entered the scene, gasping and puffing. "I heard you scream," he said, doubling over and breathing deeply. "What happened?"


  • "... Probably?"Scapegrace, Sun Nov 1 18:03
    Tessa shrugged. "Eh, I've been meaning to test this on something other than a car jack, but none of those melted or burst into flames since the most recent firmware update so she'll probably be... more
    • Alleb's training only gave her so much endurance... — Alleb, Sun Nov 1 18:31
      • "Magic," she said, as if it explained anything. "Well, um, the only magic is stuff I'm not using, I just bartered away some food and beer for healing and used a lock of hair for warding courtesy of a ... more
        • Alleb bent her wrist carefully.Alleb, Sun Nov 1 20:06
          It didn't feel any different, but murin steel didn't feel much different from regular steel. She lowered her hand and looked straight into Jo's eyes; it felt a little odd, since Jo was looking over... more
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