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Jo stared at a point just above Alleb's left shoulder.
Sun Nov 1, 2015 19:54

"Magic," she said, as if it explained anything. "Well, um, the only magic is stuff I'm not using, I just bartered away some food and beer for healing and used a lock of hair for warding courtesy of a different spirit. Not sure how well it's going to work, but hey, you might have a completely invulnerable wrist now. Or you might not. So don't rely on it when you do whatever it is you do."

Now, the reason she was staring with such fascination at the wall directly behind Alleb was that she was almost shaking with the effort of not giggling. Tessa had similar compunctions, and grabbed another beer off Hoid before sprinting over to Starlight and Sally, laughter bubbling up from inside her.

"Moonrascals?" Sam raised an eyebrow. "Really? I mean, lots of other words out there, fam, your mum ain't lookin' over your shoulder."

  • ...and her threshold had nearly been passed by the injury to begin with. As such, she howled like every wolvin in Yewland was after her. "GREAT GALLOPING MOONRASCALS!!" she shrieked. This was like... more
    • Jo stared at a point just above Alleb's left shoulder. — Scapegrace, Sun Nov 1 19:54
      • Alleb bent her wrist carefully.Alleb, Sun Nov 1 20:06
        It didn't feel any different, but murin steel didn't feel much different from regular steel. She lowered her hand and looked straight into Jo's eyes; it felt a little odd, since Jo was looking over... more
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