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"I know I do, sweetie."
Sun Nov 1, 2015 20:45

Future-Naya let go of her husband. "As for how I knew... heh. As if I'm gonna spill the beans! If you start trying to be sneaky-beaky like, how am I supposed to keep an eye on you, huh?"

She turned to her partner. "Future-you sends his regards, by the way."

The Guardsman nodded. "Then I'd better start eating more foodstuffs: I wanna give him good memories of this party. I think I'll start by the desserts... and say 'hello' to Arin on the way there. She must be bored out of her mind, pretending to be dead."

Naya nodded. "You do that. Oh, and Emiran? Since I was a bit self-conscious back then... I'll do what younger me couldn't." She lifted her veil and smiled at him.

The Guardsman grinned. "Hello, hello! Out of the suit, eh? Lovely to actually see you, Naya. Though I have to say, I imagined you differently..."

"You say anything dumb and I'll wipe that smirk off your face," said Naya in a mock-angry tone. She was unable to keep the smile off her face as she continued: "Now shoo before you say something rude."

"All right, all right. You win," said the Guardsman, throwing his hands up in the air. "I'll get going now. See you later, Naya. Heh, geddit? "'Later'? No? Bah. You too, Xandr... eh. I'm gonna call you 'Xander'. How does that sound? Yeah, it fits. Keep him out of trouble, Naya!" said the Guardsman has he disappeared into the crowd.

  • "Gah!"DawnFire, Sun Nov 1 00:25
    The Reader jumped, and turned to look. "Wow. Uh. Aw, come on, how did you even know I was coming here?" He frowned. "Did Ave--the Aviator tell you? That one's got the brains of a lemming half the... more
    • "I know I do, sweetie." — SeaTurtle, Sun Nov 1 20:45
      • The Reader groaned.DawnFire, Mon Nov 2 00:17
        "Every. Time." He reached for Naya's hand, twining their fingers together. "I can't even go to the past without him mangling my name! Why does he have to do that? I've never mangled his ! I just call ... more
        • "I'm not sure you noticed, but..."SeaTurtle, Mon Nov 2 20:47
          "...I think that Emiran doesn't like being called 'Emi'. Just going off on a limb here," said Naya. "Also, that reminds me: on your next vacation day, we should go somewhere tropical. I was thinking... more
          • "-mangling my name entirely!" the Reader protested. "It isn't fair. At least I'm actually using part of his name. He should be happy I didn't pick up Kirk's nicknaming thing when it comes to him,... more
            • "Earth sounds good."SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 21:25
              "It's a beautiful planet, you know. I'll have to use a disguise to fit in, but hey-- at least the food will be great. I'm not too keen on visiting the Whoniverse, sweetie: you know how danger lurks... more
              • The Reader grinned, and-DawnFire, Thu Nov 5 21:36
                -ducked under Naya's veil to kiss her quickly before popping back out. "I guess it's pretty enough. And alright, we won't go back to the world that spawned mine for a vacation. I'll live with it." He ... more
                • Naya tsked...SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 21:44
                  ...and gently grabbed her husband's hands. "Oh, will you behave , Xan?" she said, grinning. "And I'm sorry for choosing the vacation destination this time: it's not like you chose the last three... I ... more
                  • The Reader grinned back, less cheekily this time, and kissed her knuckles. "And," he added, both cheekiness and smile fading into sincerity, "you 'wow' me all the time. You don't have to step up your ... more
                    • "Well, well, well."SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 22:01
                      "You certainly know how to speak to the ladies," said Naya, smiling broadly behind her veil. "But can you dance?" She looked towards the dance floor, then at the Reader. "Come on, Xan. Let's rock... more
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