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Sun Nov 1, 2015 23:23

For the second time that night, someone commented on Gaspard's armour. Talking to the Aviator had somewhat drained him of energy-- Gaspard wondered if he could survive a few more hours at this pace.

"O-oh. Thanks. You two, er... you're also looking pretty good! Loving that Link costume," he said to Dirk, "and I believe that's ancient Egyptian royalty, right? Oh, very well done. S-say, you should join the costume contest. I'm sure you'll go far."

  • Hasina nudged Dirk in the ribs. Alleb, Sun Nov 1 22:48
    "Hey," she said, nodding towards a towering blue armorsuit near the food table. "Chi-won seems to be doing fine, and that one looks lonely." Dirk glanced at the ukulele player. He was currently... more
    • "Huh?" — SeaTurtle, Sun Nov 1 23:23
      • "Thank you!" Alleb, Mon Nov 2 17:01
        "It is; I'm Cleopatra. I hadn't thought about joining the contest-- say, perhaps you could try it with us!" Hasina said. "Your armor is the most impressive thing in this room. It's even better than... more
        • "Uh."SeaTurtle, Mon Nov 2 20:36
          "It's, er... I got it from a 'fic," he said to Dirk. As he listened to the CMC's afterburner fans whirr behind his head for a few seconds, he felt obliged to add: "But, um, if it counts, I did manage ... more
          • "Is the point not to be flashy?"Alleb, Tue Nov 3 08:34
            "It is, after all, a contest: like the nationals, only not national. Like the locals, I suppose." "District," Dirk said. "That's the word: district." Hasina snapped her fingers. "Right! That is it.... more
            • Gaspard shuffled awkwardly. SeaTurtle, Wed Nov 4 09:13
              "Oh, I d-don't know," he said. "Seems like an awful lot of attention for just one person. I don't t-think that, um, it would be right, really. I'm even starting to regret wearing this thing, too..."
              • "Ah, whatever makes you happy."Alleb, Wed Nov 4 18:30
                Hasina smiled kindly. "But, if it means anything, I don't think you should regret wearing your costume. If nothing else, it has given Dirk and I something to aspire to next year!" Dirk, who was... more
                • "Um, er, I-if you s-say so..."SeaTurtle, Wed Nov 4 21:37
                  Gaspard looked around for a few moments, trying to figure out how to proceed with the conversation like a normal, not-socially-anxious person. "Um, er, so... what department are you two serving in?... more
                  • "Oh, we are not agents."Alleb, Thu Nov 5 17:21
                    "Dirk and I are just visiting; our friend approached us about recruitment a little while ago, and suggested we attend this party. Just as a way to get to know the place. What department are you in?"... more
                    • "Intelligence, but..."SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 20:58
                      "...if someone comes up to you and asks if you want to join, run . Just find the closest portal home and run for the hills . This is not a nice place," said Gaspard quickly. "Bad pay, worse bosses,... more
                      • "Oh my!"Alleb, Fri Nov 6 13:59
                        Hasina frowned, glancing around the party. It looked alright to her, but she was no expert in this. "If you do not like it here, why do you not... leave? Find a different job?" ((Heh, it's fine. I... more
                        • "Would you believe me..."SeaTurtle, Fri Nov 6 20:53
                          "...if I said I had a timeline loop to close?" replied Gaspard. "Also, my parents work here. It's nice to be able to see them every day without having to portal another dimension."
                          • "A... timeline loop?" Hasina asked. Alleb, Wed Nov 11 17:07
                            She cocked her head, jewelry jingling. "What do you mean by that?" ((Sorry for my long delay; lots of stuff happened IRL. I'll set about getting a new "final" ending date for the RP. -Alleb))
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