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Miguel grinned back, hoping to ease the tension.
Mon Nov 2, 2015 18:31

"I promise they won't be too nosy. Anyway, if you had to attack the Aviator--say, if that was the only way to keep her from blowing up something important--what move would you use? Also, does she have any food allergies?"

  • "Bwah?"Iximaz, Sun Nov 1 22:05
    Zeb stopped short and turned, careful to not let the tea spill out of the cups he'd been holding. "Oh. Yeah. We did that. Thanks." He gave a weak grin. "Ask away!"
    • Miguel grinned back, hoping to ease the tension. — eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 18:31
      • Zeb anxiously shifted his weight.Iximaz, Mon Nov 2 18:49
        "Um, probably Thunder Wave, followed by Thunder Fang? And I knew her last two bodies were allergic to Bleeprin, but I don't know about this one. Maybe?" He thought for a moment. "Oh, I know Time... more
        • "Kind of." Miguel ate a handful of M&Ms.eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 21:22
          "One last question before I go bother one of the other suspects: Do you think Michael was too obvious in trying to make Chase look guilty? This isn't exactly on-topic, it just seemed odd that only... more
          • "Dunno."Iximaz, Mon Nov 2 21:50
            "I thought he was just adding it for some flare." Zeb shrugged. "Sorry I can't help more."
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