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Ami's eyes lit up. "That sounds like my talent!"
Mon Nov 2, 2015 20:38

"I never thought of joining a band back home, though. I was too nervous or busy to audition. What instrument do you play? I might be able to help you get better if you sing or play know, if you want."

At that point, Violet returned holding a piece of pumpkin bread, a mace, and two packs of Starburst. "Hey, Ami. I don't know what kind of candy you like, so I got you a thing of Starburst. Can you believe they're out of Atomic Fireballs?" She tossed the pack to Ami, who caught it in her magic. "By the way, stranger, I don't think I introduced myself. Violet Greenfield, at your service."

  • "Yeah." Alleb, Mon Nov 2 16:48
    "It's me, Hasina, Chi-won, Dirk, and Skye. The school matched us up about a month back; it happens to everyone where I'm from. When we play a song together, like The Song of Time, it lets us do... more
    • Ami's eyes lit up. "That sounds like my talent!" — eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 20:38
      • Nick smiled tightly. Alleb, Mon Nov 2 20:44
        "Nick," he said. "Nick Jacobs." He turned back to Ami, albeit very unwillingly. "I play... well, this ." He reached into his pocket and drew out his ocarina. It seemed ridiculously tiny, even more so ... more
        • "Well, I like it," said Ami.eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 22:58
          "But that's probably my not-so-inner Zelda fangirl talking." Violet bit off a chunk of her pumpkin bread. "Understatement of the year." "Yeah, probably," the pony laughed. "So does everyone where you ... more
          • "Wait, you know what an ocarina is?" Alleb, Tue Nov 3 19:51
            Nick blinked rapidly. No one knew what an ocarina was. No one. He'd been carrying this thing for two years, and not once had anyone recognized it. "That's... impossible." ((I'm having fun too! :D... more
            • "What? But how?" Ami couldn't believe it.eatpraylove, Wed Nov 4 18:14
              "You mentioned the Song of Time when you talked about your powers, and your friend showed up dressed as Link, so Ocarina of Time exists in your home verse, right? ...Right?" Ami's horn lit up again,... more
              • "Ocarina of Time?"Alleb, Wed Nov 4 18:31
                Nick shook his head. "No, not back home. We've got The Legend of Zelda, yeah, but not that. And the Song of Time was just discovered like any other song." ((Another thing to iron out in my book--... more
                • Ami hmm'd thoughtfully.eatpraylove, Sat Nov 7 11:44
                  "Oh, I see. To be honest, I only found out that the Zelda series even existed after coming here. Chris showed me the original on the Virtual Console and things sort of spiraled from there." Violet... more
                  • "Well, lemme see if I can explain..."Alleb, Wed Nov 11 17:12
                    Nick thought for a moment, then began. "So, you guys have scientists, right? Well, our composers work like that. See, if we just started combining notes and make songs on our own, it'd be like... more
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