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"Yeah, go ahead," said Miguel.
Tue Nov 3, 2015 19:49

"Also, I'm talking about a visible mark, such as a scar or entry wound."

Weirdest. Robot. Ever.

  • The beach-ball tilted to one side.Desdendelle, Tue Nov 3 15:13
    “Define ‘leaving a mark’,” it said. “Rather: define the observing party.” “OK, can I go now?” the man asked. ((OOC: Derp.))
    • "Yeah, go ahead," said Miguel. — eatpraylove, Tue Nov 3 19:49
      • Despite what he said...Desdendelle, Wed Nov 4 15:49
        Backrow made no move to go. He did put his hand in a pocket, adjusting his keffiyeh with the other. Something grey pulsated inside the beach ball. “Again: define the observing party,” it said.... more
        • "Ugh, never mind."eatpraylove, Wed Nov 4 18:04
          "Next question: What's your general opinion of Time Lords?"
          • The beach ball dipped in the air.Desdendelle, Wed Nov 4 18:15
            “As a race? They are somewhat curious, what with their regeneration process,” it said. “The victim? “Aviator”? I have not met her.” Backrow, meanwhile, calmed down and crossed his hands, leaning... more
            • Finally, a straight answer, Miguel thought.eatpraylove, Wed Nov 4 18:39
              "OK, last question: Do those fields you've been poking people with have the ability to injure sentient beings?" Miguel was reasonably sure, by this point, that Zeb wasn't the killer. Chase hadn't... more
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