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"Ah, okay."
Wed Nov 4, 2015 16:03

"Well, the PPC isn't a bad place to work for... well, I mean, it's awful, but I've seen worse. Um, but don't let that turn you off from it or anything, it's really important work. And I mean, it's more fun than crawling through abandoned subway tunnels or something... some of the time, anyways." The conversation seemed to have fallen on Aaron, who was beginning to wish he'd invested a few more ranks in Speech. He cast about desperately for a more neutral conversational topic. "Um, Zadella, right? You said you were from a badfic; what's your home continuum?"

"Star Wars," replied Natasha before Aaron had time to respond. "I keep forgetting you barely even know the basic fandoms."

"Only because you think it's more important that you expose me to your weird anime games," Aaron shot back. "What about you, Mally? What continuum are you from?"

  • "Recruits?"Basil, Tue Nov 3 18:40
    Mally looked uncomfortable. "We're just here because Basil invited us." "Don't be awkward, Mally," Zaddella said. She looked at Aaron and Natasha. "I'm Zaddella and this Mally Morrigan. We're here as ... more
    • "Ah, okay." — Tira, Wed Nov 4 16:03
      • Re: "Ah, okay."Basil, Wed Nov 11 22:07
        "That's right," Zaddella said. "Think middle schoolers, excited after watching Attack of the Clones." "I'm actually from the Weft and Warp continuum," Mally said. "It's very different from Star... more
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