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Dawn looked around for someone to talk to, brandishing-
Thu Nov 5, 2015 21:06

-Des' teapot. Who would be good to talk to...or rather, who would be good to talk to who wasn't already talking to someone else...

Aha. Roman legionary, two o'clock. Perfect.

Despairing of the fact that she had come as Iroh rather than as Asterix or Obelix, Dawn made her way over to the tall, dark-skinned man in the Roman legionary outfit, and gave him her best imitation of Iroh's grin.

"Would you like a cup of tea?"

  • PPC Halloween Masquerade!Alleb, Fri Oct 30 08:19
    ((Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first ever PPC Halloween Masquerade! My friend Basil and I will be running this: no Permission is required, all characters (be they PPC-related or your own OCs) are... more
    • Dawn looked around for someone to talk to, brandishing- — DawnFire, Thu Nov 5 21:06
      • "Mmmpfffm?"SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 21:31
        The Guardsman chewed furiously on his mouthful of doughnut, trying to clear his mouth enough for him to speak. "Oh! fff ank you," he said though a mouthful of pastry. "Don't mind i fff I do." He... more
        • -on the table. "You're welcome," she said, still grinning. "So, hi! I'm Dawn McKenna, DMS, but right now I'm General Iroh of the White Lotus...uh, wait, maybe he didn't keep that title? I'm not sure. ... more
          • The Guardsman gulped down the last of...SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 21:48
            ...the doughnut/tea slush and ran his tongue across his teeth before replying. "Oh, my name's Emiranlanoamar. Pleased to meet you, McKenna. Thanks again for the tea: it was delicious." He smiled at... more
            • "Weeeellll..."DawnFire, Thu Nov 5 22:02
              "I may've had some help," Dawn admitted. "I have a friend who likes to sew and is very good at it. I helped with some of it, though! And I'm the one who borrowed the teapot, too. And, uh, the tea as... more
              • The Guardsman grabbed the box of doughnuts...SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 22:33
                ...and offered it to Dawn. "Righty-o, miss. 'Dawn' it is. Also, my full name is 'Emiranlanoamar'-- that's spelled with the right circle crossed up to the midpoint and the three inflection dots-- but... more
    • Yet another extension to the RP! ^_^ The entire thing is going so well, I don't want to cut it off. Plus, I want to give everyone a little more time with the mystery. Since the "one day extension"... more
    • Michael has some announcements.Alleb, Sun Nov 1 00:37
      It took Michael a minute or two to reach the stage again, but he managed. He climbed up and motioned for the band to quiet down, which caught most of the crowd's attention. "Good evening!" he said,... more
      • ((Closing remarks!))Alleb, Sun Nov 29 20:51
        After an entire month, I'm finally wrapping this up. I'm sorry I took so long; it was irresponsible of me. And now, for the conclusion that no one was expecting!... more
        • ((I had a blast!))SeaTurtle, Sun Nov 29 23:43
          ((Thanks for hosting this. It was really fun!))
        • Cop-out! Cop-out, I say!eatpraylove, Sun Nov 29 21:35
          But other than that, this was really fun! I hope we can do it again next year! By the way, what's the prize for the costume contest?
          • I hope so too!Alleb, Sun Nov 29 21:47
            Perhaps a bit of a cop-out. ^_^ It was fun to write, though. I'm glad you enjoyed the rest! Chris gets a massive sack of candy. -Alleb
      • Chris and Miguel arrived at the stage area.eatpraylove, Sun Nov 1 21:22
        "It's a shame she died," said Miguel, trying to be "in-character." "I hear she went flamethrower-crazy after killing that Rose Potter chick." "If you ask me, that girl who found her did it," Chris... more
        • "Bwah?"Iximaz, Sun Nov 1 22:05
          Zeb stopped short and turned, careful to not let the tea spill out of the cups he'd been holding. "Oh. Yeah. We did that. Thanks." He gave a weak grin. "Ask away!"
          • Miguel grinned back, hoping to ease the tension.eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 18:31
            "I promise they won't be too nosy. Anyway, if you had to attack the Aviator--say, if that was the only way to keep her from blowing up something important--what move would you use? Also, does she... more
            • Zeb anxiously shifted his weight.Iximaz, Mon Nov 2 18:49
              "Um, probably Thunder Wave, followed by Thunder Fang? And I knew her last two bodies were allergic to Bleeprin, but I don't know about this one. Maybe?" He thought for a moment. "Oh, I know Time... more
              • "Kind of." Miguel ate a handful of M&Ms.eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 21:22
                "One last question before I go bother one of the other suspects: Do you think Michael was too obvious in trying to make Chase look guilty? This isn't exactly on-topic, it just seemed odd that only... more
                • "Dunno."Iximaz, Mon Nov 2 21:50
                  "I thought he was just adding it for some flare." Zeb shrugged. "Sorry I can't help more."
      • "Cease your laughter," he snapped at her. "You've no call to mock such dastardly accusations; there is peace between us!" "You should totally, like, lighten up," Flora told him. She was still... more
        • Miguel approached the strange group.eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 22:49
          "Excuse me, can I reach over you for a minute?" He grabbed one of the crackers that the dramatic girl had taken. "Thanks. By the way, I'm Miguel and I'm participating in the investigation. Could I... more
          • "Wha--oh. Uh, certainly."DawnFire, Thu Nov 5 18:44
            Chase smiled at Miguel, trying to look inherently trustworthy. Judging by Flora's subsequent giggles, he looked rather silly; he stopped. "You have certain questions, I presume?" Flora leaned back... more
            • "Yup. I promise not to be too nosy."eatpraylove, Fri Nov 6 16:15
              "First question: Had you heard of the Aviator before she went into Rose Potter and/or...that other one?" He successfully resisted the urge to spit on the ground.
              • Chase stared at him.DawnFire, Fri Nov 6 16:46
                "Is not Rose Potter a name?" he asked, and then paused. "Is it, perchance, a building? A school? I have not heard of it. As to the Aviator, I have never heard tell of her before today, nor have I... more
      • “What a bother.”Desdendelle, Sun Nov 1 03:01
        A rather gaudy beach ball that was floating in the air dipped down before bouncing up again. It prodded a brown-aquamarine maniple field at the man it was trying to converse with without much... more
        • "Hey, which one of you is Amris?"eatpraylove, Tue Nov 3 07:14
          "My name's Miguel. I'm participating in the investigation, and I need to ask him some questions about the Aviator." Hopefully Amris will be more helpful than Chase, he thought.
          • The man shook his head.Desdendelle, Tue Nov 3 14:02
            “Backrow,” he offered as an explanation. “I’m Amris,” the beach ball said. It poked Chris with a maniple-field. “What do you want?”
            • "O...K, then."eatpraylove, Tue Nov 3 14:50
              "First question: Is it possible for robots like you to do damage without leaving a mark on the target?" ((OOC: Um, Miguel's doing the investigating, not Chris. Chris is in the costume party.))
              • The beach-ball tilted to one side.Desdendelle, Tue Nov 3 15:13
                “Define ‘leaving a mark’,” it said. “Rather: define the observing party.” “OK, can I go now?” the man asked. ((OOC: Derp.))
                • "Yeah, go ahead," said Miguel.eatpraylove, Tue Nov 3 19:49
                  "Also, I'm talking about a visible mark, such as a scar or entry wound." Weirdest. Robot. Ever.
                  • Despite what he said...Desdendelle, Wed Nov 4 15:49
                    Backrow made no move to go. He did put his hand in a pocket, adjusting his keffiyeh with the other. Something grey pulsated inside the beach ball. “Again: define the observing party,” it said.... more
                    • "Ugh, never mind."eatpraylove, Wed Nov 4 18:04
                      "Next question: What's your general opinion of Time Lords?"
                      • The beach ball dipped in the air.Desdendelle, Wed Nov 4 18:15
                        “As a race? They are somewhat curious, what with their regeneration process,” it said. “The victim? “Aviator”? I have not met her.” Backrow, meanwhile, calmed down and crossed his hands, leaning... more
                        • Finally, a straight answer, Miguel thought.eatpraylove, Wed Nov 4 18:39
                          "OK, last question: Do those fields you've been poking people with have the ability to injure sentient beings?" Miguel was reasonably sure, by this point, that Zeb wasn't the killer. Chase hadn't... more
    • A gigantic blond man growls.Voyd, Sat Oct 31 12:35
      "Stephanie, WHY did you feel the need to bring me here? I have no desire to dance..." Chakkik tugged at the sleeve of his white shirt, and at the yellow tie decorating it. "And furthermore, why did... more
    • New arrivalsBasil, Sat Oct 31 11:19
      Mally yawned. Midnight was rather later than she was used to being awake, and she hoped she would be able to avoid falling asleep. She tried to blend in with Zaddella, Jeremy and Basil so that no one ... more
      • slight retcon- already acting the foolBasil, Sat Oct 31 12:07
        Sorry, I just realized Alleb's already talking to someone. Also, didn't realize godmodding was a thing- too much time to myself writing all the characters. *blush* Sorry. Here's the post, revised.... more
        • ...with a friendly smile, followed by a slightly more wary Natasha. "Are you new recruits?" he asked them. "I'm Aaron Hunter and this is my partner -" "Nat," Natasha said rather firmly. Aaron, who... more
          • "Recruits?"Basil, Tue Nov 3 18:40
            Mally looked uncomfortable. "We're just here because Basil invited us." "Don't be awkward, Mally," Zaddella said. She looked at Aaron and Natasha. "I'm Zaddella and this Mally Morrigan. We're here as ... more
            • "Ah, okay."Tira, Wed Nov 4 16:03
              "Well, the PPC isn't a bad place to work for... well, I mean, it's awful, but I've seen worse. Um, but don't let that turn you off from it or anything, it's really important work. And I mean, it's... more
              • Re: "Ah, okay."Basil, Wed Nov 11 22:07
                "That's right," Zaddella said. "Think middle schoolers, excited after watching Attack of the Clones." "I'm actually from the Weft and Warp continuum," Mally said. "It's very different from Star... more
    • Incoming OCsAlleb, Sat Oct 31 01:36
      "This is it, I guess," said Nick Jacobs (who was doing a poor job of impersonating the Tenth Doctor) as he and his band of friends entered the dance hall. There was silence for a few moments. "What... more
      • "Hey, nice costume!"eatpraylove, Sat Oct 31 11:38
        Miguel Correa, dressed in a slightly-better-than-bargain-bin Spiderman outfit, approached the lonely man in the brown trenchcoat and offered a high-five with the hand that wasn't holding a bag of... more
        • Nick blinked with surprise. Alleb, Sat Oct 31 12:37
          Usually no one, well, talked to him at parties. It was kinda nice. "I am," he said, taking the offered high-five. "And I can time travel too. Kinda. It only goes for a few seconds. You should really... more
          • Ami tilted her head curiously. "You don't sound like you know him too well, Nick. Aren't you two friends? You came in with him and those other guys, so I assumed you were." "BOO!" Violet shouted,... more
            • "Ah, it's fine," Nick said. Alleb, Sat Oct 31 23:17
              He rubbed the back of his neck self-consciously. "Our chordophone, Chi-won, can be like that too, I guess. Uh, I'm Nick." He held out a hand to the newcomer, hoping Ami wouldn't bring up Dirk again.... more
              • "I'm Chris. Nice to meet you."eatpraylove, Sun Nov 1 19:26
                He accepted Nick's handshake. "What's a chordophone? Does that have to do with instruments?" "So what do you think of the party? I'm surprised I can hear anybody talk with how many agents showed up," ... more
                • Nick squirmed. Alleb, Sun Nov 1 19:42
                  Now he had no idea what to do: answer the questions, comment on the costume party, or comment on the mystery? " I knew I shouldn't have come, " he thought miserably. " Maybe if I back away slowly...... more
                  • "Oops...Sorry we're overwhelming you, sir. I get nervous at parties, too." "You know what, I'm going to go enter the costume contest after all," said Chris. "I bet nobody else up there has a... more
                    • Nick gaped in surprise. Alleb, Sun Nov 1 22:36
                      "Woah!" he said, bending down to look more closely at the replica. "Awesome! I can't do anything like that, at least, not without the band. Neat! Can you go inside?" ((-Alleb))
                      • "I should be able to."eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 15:01
                        Ami trotted around and reached up to the door handle. It felt solid enough, but tingled underneath her hoof. "Ready...and..." She pulled the handle outwards. Nothing happened. "Oh. Guess I forgot to... more
                        • "Yeah." Alleb, Mon Nov 2 16:48
                          "It's me, Hasina, Chi-won, Dirk, and Skye. The school matched us up about a month back; it happens to everyone where I'm from. When we play a song together, like The Song of Time, it lets us do... more
                          • Ami's eyes lit up. "That sounds like my talent!"eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 20:38
                            "I never thought of joining a band back home, though. I was too nervous or busy to audition. What instrument do you play? I might be able to help you get better if you sing or play know,... more
                            • Nick smiled tightly. Alleb, Mon Nov 2 20:44
                              "Nick," he said. "Nick Jacobs." He turned back to Ami, albeit very unwillingly. "I play... well, this ." He reached into his pocket and drew out his ocarina. It seemed ridiculously tiny, even more so ... more
                              • "Well, I like it," said Ami.eatpraylove, Mon Nov 2 22:58
                                "But that's probably my not-so-inner Zelda fangirl talking." Violet bit off a chunk of her pumpkin bread. "Understatement of the year." "Yeah, probably," the pony laughed. "So does everyone where you ... more
                                • "Wait, you know what an ocarina is?" Alleb, Tue Nov 3 19:51
                                  Nick blinked rapidly. No one knew what an ocarina was. No one. He'd been carrying this thing for two years, and not once had anyone recognized it. "That's... impossible." ((I'm having fun too! :D... more
                                  • "What? But how?" Ami couldn't believe it.eatpraylove, Wed Nov 4 18:14
                                    "You mentioned the Song of Time when you talked about your powers, and your friend showed up dressed as Link, so Ocarina of Time exists in your home verse, right? ...Right?" Ami's horn lit up again,... more
                                    • "Ocarina of Time?"Alleb, Wed Nov 4 18:31
                                      Nick shook his head. "No, not back home. We've got The Legend of Zelda, yeah, but not that. And the Song of Time was just discovered like any other song." ((Another thing to iron out in my book--... more
                                      • Ami hmm'd thoughtfully.eatpraylove, Sat Nov 7 11:44
                                        "Oh, I see. To be honest, I only found out that the Zelda series even existed after coming here. Chris showed me the original on the Virtual Console and things sort of spiraled from there." Violet... more
                                        • "Well, lemme see if I can explain..."Alleb, Wed Nov 11 17:12
                                          Nick thought for a moment, then began. "So, you guys have scientists, right? Well, our composers work like that. See, if we just started combining notes and make songs on our own, it'd be like... more
    • Two more!SeaTurtle, Fri Oct 30 23:24
      Despite being one of the tallest and most imposting figures present thanks to his powered armoursuit, Gaspard was sticking to the edges of the hall, casting furtive glances at the crowd while... more
      • Hasina nudged Dirk in the ribs. Alleb, Sun Nov 1 22:48
        "Hey," she said, nodding towards a towering blue armorsuit near the food table. "Chi-won seems to be doing fine, and that one looks lonely." Dirk glanced at the ukulele player. He was currently... more
        • "Huh?"SeaTurtle, Sun Nov 1 23:23
          For the second time that night, someone commented on Gaspard's armour. Talking to the Aviator had somewhat drained him of energy-- Gaspard wondered if he could survive a few more hours at this pace.... more
          • "Thank you!" Alleb, Mon Nov 2 17:01
            "It is; I'm Cleopatra. I hadn't thought about joining the contest-- say, perhaps you could try it with us!" Hasina said. "Your armor is the most impressive thing in this room. It's even better than... more
            • "Uh."SeaTurtle, Mon Nov 2 20:36
              "It's, er... I got it from a 'fic," he said to Dirk. As he listened to the CMC's afterburner fans whirr behind his head for a few seconds, he felt obliged to add: "But, um, if it counts, I did manage ... more
              • "Is the point not to be flashy?"Alleb, Tue Nov 3 08:34
                "It is, after all, a contest: like the nationals, only not national. Like the locals, I suppose." "District," Dirk said. "That's the word: district." Hasina snapped her fingers. "Right! That is it.... more
                • Gaspard shuffled awkwardly. SeaTurtle, Wed Nov 4 09:13
                  "Oh, I d-don't know," he said. "Seems like an awful lot of attention for just one person. I don't t-think that, um, it would be right, really. I'm even starting to regret wearing this thing, too..."
                  • "Ah, whatever makes you happy."Alleb, Wed Nov 4 18:30
                    Hasina smiled kindly. "But, if it means anything, I don't think you should regret wearing your costume. If nothing else, it has given Dirk and I something to aspire to next year!" Dirk, who was... more
                    • "Um, er, I-if you s-say so..."SeaTurtle, Wed Nov 4 21:37
                      Gaspard looked around for a few moments, trying to figure out how to proceed with the conversation like a normal, not-socially-anxious person. "Um, er, so... what department are you two serving in?... more
                      • "Oh, we are not agents."Alleb, Thu Nov 5 17:21
                        "Dirk and I are just visiting; our friend approached us about recruitment a little while ago, and suggested we attend this party. Just as a way to get to know the place. What department are you in?"... more
                        • "Intelligence, but..."SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 20:58
                          "...if someone comes up to you and asks if you want to join, run . Just find the closest portal home and run for the hills . This is not a nice place," said Gaspard quickly. "Bad pay, worse bosses,... more
                          • "Oh my!"Alleb, Fri Nov 6 13:59
                            Hasina frowned, glancing around the party. It looked alright to her, but she was no expert in this. "If you do not like it here, why do you not... leave? Find a different job?" ((Heh, it's fine. I... more
                            • "Would you believe me..."SeaTurtle, Fri Nov 6 20:53
                              "...if I said I had a timeline loop to close?" replied Gaspard. "Also, my parents work here. It's nice to be able to see them every day without having to portal another dimension."
                              • "A... timeline loop?" Hasina asked. Alleb, Wed Nov 11 17:07
                                She cocked her head, jewelry jingling. "What do you mean by that?" ((Sorry for my long delay; lots of stuff happened IRL. I'll set about getting a new "final" ending date for the RP. -Alleb))
      • This one was blond-haired and brilliantly blue-eyed, and looked a great deal like Chris Pine. He spotted the Guardsman almost instantly and walked over, grinning. "Yo, Emi," he said, and clapped the... more
        • The Guardsman whirled around.SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 21:06
          " No ," he choked. "Oh, heck no. Two questions: firstly, how recent? Secondly, is this a time travel event or not?"
          • The other legionnaire rolled his eyes.DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 21:15
            "Relax, bro. I'm just having fun. Well, okay, someone dared me to do it, but it's fine. Really. And, uh, as for how recent..." He shrugged, and then made a face and tugged at his armor. "Look, it's... more
            • The Guardsman facepalmed.SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 21:20
              "You're insane. I taught you about these situations! Now get out of here before you blow a hole in causality or something. Ri-- Arin is here. She can't see you like that ! She'll go into conniptions! ... more
              • The legionnaire rolled his eyes again.DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 21:25
                "Lighten up, Emi. I know what I'm doing, and I know not to talk to her. She's gonna be talking to that dude in the giant suit thing for a while, and then she'll be busy. All I have to do is stay out... more
                • "Don't roll your eyes at me, young man."SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 21:32
                  "Look, I'm glad to know that you'll be alive at some point in the future, but there's gonna be heck to pay if she even smells you in the room. Think! You're thinking! That means you leave a psychic... more
                  • -device. "You know, this is exactly why I didn't go see future-you before I came here. You're all responsible and s**t. This is supposed to be fun . And I'm not gonna wear perfume, shut up." He... more
                    • "Are you out of your mind?"SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 23:26
                      "She knows you! How can you pretend that this," he waved at the man, "is a 'past self'? She'll see right through your disguise! Ask yourself: is this worth the risk? Do you want to potentially reduce ... more
                      • The Reader rolled his eyes.DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 23:48
                        "She's not going to see me , Emi," he said. The armor came off, and was tossed to the ground with a light crash. "So of course it's worth the risk. I told you--I know where she's gonna be. I'll avoid ... more
                        • ...with a frown on his face. He was about to say something along the lines of "this is getting ridiculous, now it's time for you to go" until he spotted a familiar silhouette several steps behind the ... more
                          • "Gah!"DawnFire, Sun Nov 1 00:25
                            The Reader jumped, and turned to look. "Wow. Uh. Aw, come on, how did you even know I was coming here?" He frowned. "Did Ave--the Aviator tell you? That one's got the brains of a lemming half the... more
                            • "I know I do, sweetie."SeaTurtle, Sun Nov 1 20:45
                              Future-Naya let go of her husband. "As for how I knew... heh. As if I'm gonna spill the beans! If you start trying to be sneaky-beaky like, how am I supposed to keep an eye on you, huh?" She turned... more
                              • The Reader groaned.DawnFire, Mon Nov 2 00:17
                                "Every. Time." He reached for Naya's hand, twining their fingers together. "I can't even go to the past without him mangling my name! Why does he have to do that? I've never mangled his ! I just call ... more
                                • "I'm not sure you noticed, but..."SeaTurtle, Mon Nov 2 20:47
                                  "...I think that Emiran doesn't like being called 'Emi'. Just going off on a limb here," said Naya. "Also, that reminds me: on your next vacation day, we should go somewhere tropical. I was thinking... more
                                  • "-mangling my name entirely!" the Reader protested. "It isn't fair. At least I'm actually using part of his name. He should be happy I didn't pick up Kirk's nicknaming thing when it comes to him,... more
                                    • "Earth sounds good."SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 21:25
                                      "It's a beautiful planet, you know. I'll have to use a disguise to fit in, but hey-- at least the food will be great. I'm not too keen on visiting the Whoniverse, sweetie: you know how danger lurks... more
                                      • The Reader grinned, and-DawnFire, Thu Nov 5 21:36
                                        -ducked under Naya's veil to kiss her quickly before popping back out. "I guess it's pretty enough. And alright, we won't go back to the world that spawned mine for a vacation. I'll live with it." He ... more
                                        • Naya tsked...SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 21:44
                                          ...and gently grabbed her husband's hands. "Oh, will you behave , Xan?" she said, grinning. "And I'm sorry for choosing the vacation destination this time: it's not like you chose the last three... I ... more
                                          • The Reader grinned back, less cheekily this time, and kissed her knuckles. "And," he added, both cheekiness and smile fading into sincerity, "you 'wow' me all the time. You don't have to step up your ... more
                                            • "Well, well, well."SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 22:01
                                              "You certainly know how to speak to the ladies," said Naya, smiling broadly behind her veil. "But can you dance?" She looked towards the dance floor, then at the Reader. "Come on, Xan. Let's rock... more
      • "Hey."Alleb, Fri Oct 30 23:43
        A lanky, hawk-nosed teenager sidled up to the hulking suit of mechanized armor. He was dressed in a rather underachieving impersonation of the Tenth Doctor, and his sonic screwdriver was decidedly... more
      • The Aviator's head whipped around at the sound of a heavy mecha suit clunking across the floor. For the first time that day, a smile spread across her face. She elbowed Zeb and nodded at the suit.... more
        • Here we go again...SeaTurtle, Fri Oct 30 23:55
          Gaspard looked up from his plate, searching for the voice's owner. "Oh! Uh, h-hello." He straightened up and faced the Aviator. In his armour, he towered over her. "Er, my suit, yes? It's, er, I got... more
          • "Oh. That."Iximaz, Fri Oct 30 23:58
            The Aviator looked more than a little disgruntled. "Yeah, so I've been told." She shook her head and accepted the outstretched hand; ensconced in the suit, it completely dwarfed her own. "Never mind... more
            • "Y-you think so?"SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 00:06
              Gaspard cleared his throat and tried to keep the stammering out of his voice, with little success. "It's er, only a regular suit of armour. N-not really, um, like, um... i-i-it's like, regular , you... more
              • "Like you're getting attention, but..."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 00:16
                "...not for the reasons you'd hoped?" The Aviator gave him a wry smile. "Wonder what that feels like. But never mind; we can forget the suit if you want." She waved a hand. "So. Gaspard, was it?... more
                • No, please go back to the suit.SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 00:22
                  My life is boring, nobody wants to listen to me talk about that, thought Gaspard, but his mouth said: "Department of Intelligence, ma'am. Junior intelligence officer: write reports, file reports, go... more
                  • "Sounds nice."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 00:25
                    "Don't know if I'd be able to do it, though. Too used to being on the move." The Aviator peered at Gaspard. "And you don't have to call me ma'am, this ain't the military."
                    • "With r-respect, ma'am..."SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 00:33
                      "...out of the t-two of us, you are the one with the post prestige in Headquarters. That s-sort of thing must be acknowledged. You know, like, er... um, respect, from a lower-echelon staff member... more
                      • "You kidding?"Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 00:42
                        The Aviator leaned against the table and picked up a strange looking fruit that vaguely resembled a pomegranate, if pomegranates were supposed to be a violent shade of magenta. She broke it open and... more
                        • Gaspard shrugged...SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 00:52
                          ...or more specifically, the suit 's shoulders shrugged, meaning Gaspard made his elbows move up and down to reproduce the effect. "T-the fact remains that you're still one of HQ's most popular... more
                          • "Gotta say, I'm jealous."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 01:06
                            The Aviator ignored Gaspard's stammering in favor of plucking out more seeds. "Must be nice to have a quiet life. Or at least one where not everyone knows every intimate detail of your life."
                            • "W-well, I, er..."SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 15:38
                              Don't say something cringey. Don't say something cringey . "I, um, I suppose, ma'am. B-but it's just that, sometimes, y'know, er..." He bit off the rest of his sentence before he mentioned that being ... more
                              • The Aviator gave Gaspard a worried look.Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 16:10
                                "Something the matter? You sound nervous." ((Dude, are you sure you didn't go rooting around in my head to create Gaspard? This is some scary stuff.))
                                • "N-nervous?"SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 20:18
                                  "Oh, it's probably my anxiety acting up. No w-worries," said Gaspard while trying to put on a reassuring smile. No. Don't smile. You look like a creep when you smile. He let the smile fade. "But... more
                                  • "Huh?"Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 20:26
                                    The Aviator looked down at herself. "Oh. Princess Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender . It was my partner's idea. Not exactly my first choice, but hey, whatever makes him happy, you know?"
                                    • "Zeb, I believe?"SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 20:42
                                      "Ah, y-yes. He's a Luxray, isn't he? I've never met your partner in person, see. I only know what the DoI gossip mill digs up about him. Is he here tonight? I'd think a electric lion would be hard to ... more
                                      • "Yeah, he is."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 20:48
                                        The Aviator looked around, then pointed out the teenager who was dressed almost identically to her. "He only used the disguise generator to go to his default human form; neither of us like using the... more
                                        • "Um." SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 21:13
                                          "I have it on good authority that Zeb doesn't, er, um. Like girls, ma'am. As in, um. you know." He shuffled awkwardly, dragging a heavy boot across the ground. "Well, yep. Or so Madam's sources say."
                                          • The Aviator waved a hand.Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 21:16
                                            "Meh, doesn't matter, does it? He's never shown any inclination either way, so what the hell do I know?" She paused and scowled. "This is the same Madam Tacitus reports to?"
                                            • Gaspard cleared his throat. SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 21:23
                                              "Er, I thought you knew. Tacitus is merely in the employ of Madam-- he's not a free agent. There are dozens like him all over the place, collecting and selling information. It's, er. Commonplace. And ... more
                                              • "Well that's just great."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 21:25
                                                The Aviator looked disgruntled. "There go my plans to ever drink at Rudi's again. Ever. Thanks for the heads-up."
                                                • "Um... you're welcome...?"SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 21:48
                                                  "I guess?" Gaspard looked away. He had the feeling that he had ruined someone's day. "So, uh... read any good books lately?"
                                                  • "A couple hundred."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 21:51
                                                    The Aviator checked her watch and sighed restlessly. "I'm a bit more anxious to see how tonight's episode of Doctor Who plays out, to be honest. What about you?"
                                                    • "I've seen it," said Gaspard...SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 23:31
                                                      ...pointing at a holographic screen next to his right cheek. "It's... okay, I guess. Series nine has been pretty good so far but this one was sort of 'meh' in my opinion." He fell silent and looked... more
                                                      • "Nah, not at all."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 23:35
                                                        The Aviator gave him a faint smile. "Nice to talk to someone who's not trying to get me out of an angstfest, or bugging me about my personal life. 'Sides, you seem pretty smart. Makes sense, since... more
                                                        • "U-um, er, if you want to."SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 23:41
                                                          "It's just that, er, my intel team has got the early shift tomorrow and I'm not sure if I'll be around but if you really do want to talk, er, I'll be around. I think you'll find me quite easily,... more
                                                          • ...walked up and flicked the Aviator's shoulder. "Oi, Time Lady," she said. "Greenie says it's time," The kid had her on messenger duty now. At least he wasn't sending her out for a pumpkin spice... more
                                                            • The Aviator gritted her teeth.Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 23:54
                                                              "Knew I shouldn't have mentioned it. Figures the Narrative Laws were paying attention," she muttered. She sighed and looked at Gaspard. "I'll message you, alright? It was nice talking." She gave him... more
                                                              • "Greenie has you under the desserts," she said. "He'll announce the thing in a minute and I'll pull up the tablecloth." She spent a moment elbowing her way through a clot of people before they came... more
                                                                • The Aviator sighed.Iximaz, Sun Nov 1 00:14
                                                                  Resigned to her promise to Zeb, she crawled under the table and stretched out on her back, putting her arms behind her head. Maybe she'd take a nap, make the time go faster. She was bored already.... more
        • ((Yikes!))Alleb, Fri Oct 30 23:44
          Sorry; I didn't see this when I posted a reply! SeaTurtle, feel free to disregard mine. -Alleb
    • A young brown haired man...SillyPhilly, Fri Oct 30 21:30
      Dressed as Trainer Red and holding a Petilil in his arms sheepishly walks in. He wants so socialize with the oterhs but is quite shy.
      • (Aw, heck with it!)SkarmorySilver, Fri Oct 30 22:12
        A dark-haired Asian youth ran past him, yelping periodically; if one were to follow him, they would notice that he was dressed in a dark brown adventurer's vest over a blue short-sleeved shirt, faded ... more
        • ...?SillyPhilly, Fri Oct 30 22:40
          The newbie slowly tils his head to the side. "Um...h-hi?" The Petilil nuzzles into his chest, scared.
    • "We're lost. We're bloody lost."Scapegrace, Fri Oct 30 20:40
      Five women, all young, were arguing in the corridors of the Nouvelle-Caledonie section of HQ with the addition of one very definitely male young man. He was ostensibly there to keep the peace, but... more
      • "Great moonrascals!" Alleb, Fri Oct 30 21:21
        Michael started, almost tripping on his billowy red cape. "What?" he asked, pushing his helmet out of his eyes. "What's the matter?" "Fire!" Alleb yelped, pointing towards the bar. "Come on!" The... more
        • "Don't panic, everything's under controhbugger."Scapegrace, Fri Oct 30 22:26
          It was at this point that Tessa started swearing inventively since Sam's costume had got the spiderwebs. The Goth fished around in her clutchbag and pulled out something that looked like pepper... more
          • "Er... hi?" Michael squeaked. Alleb, Fri Oct 30 23:56
            Come to think of it, he did remember a voice suspiciously similar to the one making the introductions screaming across the room. What had she said? But perhaps that wasn't important now. "Wow, uh,... more
            • "Thank you for inviting us."Scapegrace, Sat Oct 31 08:11
              Jo beamed winningly as she took the proffered hand. "And yes, we have. So far. I mean, we only just got here, so it'd be hard not to, right?" "Sorry 'bout that, fam," Sam rumbled, patting out his... more
              • Michael yelped and backed away hastily. Alleb, Sat Oct 31 12:27
                "I-- what-- why-- who--" he stuttered, red-faced. Under normal circumstances he was flustered around girls, but he'd never had one do that before. "I-- uh-- drink! I'll get a-- I mean get you a--... more
                • "You're too kind, darling."To The Scapemobile!, Sat Oct 31 18:03
                  "And your own attire is just so you !" Minty took Alleb's hand and gave it a demure, rather affected shake, and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. "Nemo me impune lacessit," she whispered in the... more
                  • Training kicked in. Alleb, Sat Oct 31 18:29
                    Perhaps already having her teeth gritted helped, and Alleb managed not to scream. That didn't mean she wasn't hurt: on the scale of injuries she had received during her time as a Knight of Alleble,... more
                    • "Time out."Scapegrace, Sun Nov 1 04:00
                      In the manner of smart quipster heroes everywhere, Tessa's one liner only came after she'd fired her freeze ray. Minty was going to be stuck there for about ten minutes, assuming the molecular... more
                      • "Thank you."Alleb, Sun Nov 1 16:47
                        With a wince and a barely suppressed groan, Alleb laid her crooked hand on the tabletop. Thankfully, the debacle hadn't attracted too much notice, although Minty's still form was starting to draw... more
                        • "... Probably?"Scapegrace, Sun Nov 1 18:03
                          Tessa shrugged. "Eh, I've been meaning to test this on something other than a car jack, but none of those melted or burst into flames since the most recent firmware update so she'll probably be... more
                          • ...and her threshold had nearly been passed by the injury to begin with. As such, she howled like every wolvin in Yewland was after her. "GREAT GALLOPING MOONRASCALS!!" she shrieked. This was like... more
                            • "Magic," she said, as if it explained anything. "Well, um, the only magic is stuff I'm not using, I just bartered away some food and beer for healing and used a lock of hair for warding courtesy of a ... more
                              • Alleb bent her wrist carefully.Alleb, Sun Nov 1 20:06
                                It didn't feel any different, but murin steel didn't feel much different from regular steel. She lowered her hand and looked straight into Jo's eyes; it felt a little odd, since Jo was looking over... more
                    • Unnoticed by anyone but poor Hoid...Alleb, Sat Oct 31 20:55
                      ...Michael ducked out of the bar, straightening his cloak and helmet. " Thank goodness Alleb distracted her! " he thought as he fled towards the stage. " I'll make it up to her somehow. " -Alleb
    • Aaron sighed.Tira, Fri Oct 30 19:46
      "I'm just saying, it seems kind of unbalanced that we're both dressed as characters from your home continuum." He was currently wearing a short red wig and a tan Japanese school uniform; his... more
      • ((For reference))Tira, Sat Oct 31 21:05
        ((Aaron is dressed as Emiya Shirou , and Natasha is dressed as Archer , both from Fate/Stay Night.))
    • "You look absolutely ridiculous."Matt Cipher, Fri Oct 30 19:15
      A slender young woman gently elbowed the man next to her in the ribs. She was pale and almost everything she had on her was black: the coloured contacts, the lipstick, the tank top, the jeans, the... more
      • Natasha nodded at the pair...Tira, Fri Oct 30 21:05
        ...and then did her best to adopt a pose that gave off an air of casual superiority and made the cape-like part around her waist hang dramatically. Aaron, who was rather uncomfortably aware that his... more
        • "That's right!" Anonymous, Sat Oct 31 07:06
          VJ beamed at them, before jumping over to Natasha and catching her in a hug. "Well, almost... Will's supposed to be Jack the Ripper. And I follow him everywhere he goes. Ain't that topical?" "The... more
          • "Yes, very. Though I've seen Jack the Ripper, and she didn't look anything like William's costume." "That's because he's basing his off real life, not your home continuum," Aaron interjected. Natasha ... more
            • "Oh? Your Ripper was a woman, too?"Matt Cipher, Sat Oct 31 08:42
              William raised his eyebrow. "Well, mine was a demon but still took a form of a little girl. That's actually a pretty interestin story." "Which I'm sure we'd all wanna hear but, if you excuse me,... more
              • "Yours was also a little girl? In my version, she was the daughter of a prostitute, trying to return the womb where she last felt safe, but you could say that in the end she became something like a... more
                • William put the phone closer to his ear, trying to familiarize himself with all the little details of the voice Natasha desired. After listening to it three times, he returned the phone. "A'right, I... more
                  • Natasha swallowed briefly.Tira, Sat Oct 31 20:20
                    "Let's see..." She flinched momentarily at the unfamiliar voice coming from her own throat, but grinned at the overall effect. "Thanks, William. This is great." "I stick by my earlier statement that... more
          • ((Craaaap, not again!)) (nm)Matt Cipher, Sat Oct 31 07:07
    • A pair of latecomers...Iximaz, Fri Oct 30 17:33
      ...wandered in several minutes after Michael's announcement. They were dressed in the red and black armor of Fire Nation royalty, and the taller male agent had a nasty-looking fake scar over his left ... more
      • "Nephew!"DawnFire, Fri Oct 30 17:51
        A grey-haired old man (with a suspiciously unlined face) grinned at Zeb. He put his teapot--a rather non-Chinese-looking piece--down on the food table and hugged the Luxray. "You should have said you ... more
        • Zeb stopped short.Iximaz, Fri Oct 30 18:05
          There was a brief moment of confusion as he tried to figure out who was under the costume, then a broad smile spread across his face. "Dawn!" he said, hugging her. "I mean, Uncle! How have you been?" ... more
          • Dawn waved at the Aviator as she left.DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 20:41
            "Pity," she said, "I had a line ready to use and everything. Oh well." She grinned at Zeb. "Nephew, you look quite dressed up! Is there an occasion of which I am not aware?"
            • "Haven't you heard, Uncle?"Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 20:56
              "Today is the day I regain my honor!" Zeb grinned and hugged Dawn again. "I'm afraid I won't be able to talk for long; I agreed to help the hosts with an event later this evening. But we can talk... more
              • "Well," Dawn said, hugging back.DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 21:02
                She pulled away, then said, grinning, "Today I reconquered Ba Sing Se! And my tea shop! I'm sure you've noticed my teapot?" She gestured to it. "Actually," she added, "it's Des' teapot. It looks... more
                • Zeb studied her, tapping his chin.Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 21:03
                  "I dunno, you could've made a good Ty Lee." He paused, then grinned. "And I bet Des would have appreciated the costume, too."
                  • Dawn went red.DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 21:17
                    "Um, uh, maybe next year?" she stammered. "Or, y'know, on Purim," she added, grinning. "That's sooner. So..." She gestured at the teapot. "Would you like some tea, or do you have some honor to... more
                    • "Tea would be great."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 21:22
                      Zeb couldn't seem to stop smiling. "Who made it, anyway? Ooh--" He looked around. "Maxwell said he might be here tonight; maybe he'd like some!"
                      • Dawn shrugged.DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 21:35
                        "Des made the first pot, I'll be making the rest. And hey--you can take a cup for him, unless you see him here right now?" She pulled a pair of small cardboard cups (patterned to look at least... more
                        • "Hmm. Dunno."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 21:38
                          "I saw one of his teammates earlier, she looked great. Maybe I'll ask her if he's here."
                          • "You do that."DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 21:44
                            Dawn poured the second cup, and handed both of them to the Luxray. "Good luck, nephew! May you find what you are looking for!"
                            • "Alright, thanks!"Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 23:48
                              Zeb took both cups and, grinning from ear to ear, gave Dawn a farewell nod (seeing as a wave would be somewhat difficult at the moment). "Have fun! Maybe I'll see you later, huh?"
                              • "Sure!"DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 23:50
                                Dawn grinned, and waved. "Go get 'im, Zeb--I mean, Zuko. And enjoy the tea!"
        • ((Like so: ))
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