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Thu Nov 5, 2015 22:02

"I may've had some help," Dawn admitted. "I have a friend who likes to sew and is very good at it. I helped with some of it, though! And I'm the one who borrowed the teapot, too. And, uh, the tea as well. My boyfriend made that. But! I had the idea to dress up as Iroh, and I found the wig myself, so there's that. I'll tell Des you liked his tea, though." She cleared her throat. "Are there any donuts left, by the way? I like donuts. I'd rather like to eat some, too--and Iroh's big on food and enjoying things like food, so it's even in character! And--what was your name again? Emiranlan...lanar? Could you repeat that, maybe? I think I'm missing a piece or two of it. And speaking of names, Dawn is fine, unless you're from somewhere that objects to using first names or finds it rude or whatever else, in which case it's fine, surnames are good too. I rather like this one, even."

  • The Guardsman gulped down the last of...SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 21:48
    ...the doughnut/tea slush and ran his tongue across his teeth before replying. "Oh, my name's Emiranlanoamar. Pleased to meet you, McKenna. Thanks again for the tea: it was delicious." He smiled at... more
    • "Weeeellll..." — DawnFire, Thu Nov 5 22:02
      • The Guardsman grabbed the box of doughnuts...SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 22:33
        ...and offered it to Dawn. "Righty-o, miss. 'Dawn' it is. Also, my full name is 'Emiranlanoamar'-- that's spelled with the right circle crossed up to the midpoint and the three inflection dots-- but... more
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