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The Guardsman grabbed the box of doughnuts...
Thu Nov 5, 2015 22:33

...and offered it to Dawn. "Righty-o, miss. 'Dawn' it is. Also, my full name is 'Emiranlanoamar'-- that's spelled with the right circle crossed up to the midpoint and the three inflection dots-- but you can call me 'Emiran' or 'Guardsman' -- everyone does." He fished a doughnut out of the box and crammed it into his mouth. "Fo you were faying that you are 'Iroh'? Nefer heard of 'im. Which 'verfe?"

  • "Weeeellll..."DawnFire, Thu Nov 5 22:02
    "I may've had some help," Dawn admitted. "I have a friend who likes to sew and is very good at it. I helped with some of it, though! And I'm the one who borrowed the teapot, too. And, uh, the tea as... more
    • The Guardsman grabbed the box of doughnuts... — SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 22:33
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