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Chase stared at him.
Fri Nov 6, 2015 16:46

"Is not Rose Potter a name?" he asked, and then paused. "Is it, perchance, a building? A school? I have not heard of it. As to the Aviator, I have never heard tell of her before today, nor have I laid eyes upon her."

"We're from Canada," Flora added helpfully. "Right now, at least. We're, like, from pretty far away originally."

  • "Yup. I promise not to be too nosy."eatpraylove, Fri Nov 6 16:15
    "First question: Had you heard of the Aviator before she went into Rose Potter and/or...that other one?" He successfully resisted the urge to spit on the ground.
    • Chase stared at him. — DawnFire, Fri Nov 6 16:46
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