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"Well, lemme see if I can explain..."
Wed Nov 11, 2015 17:12

Nick thought for a moment, then began. "So, you guys have scientists, right? Well, our composers work like that. See, if we just started combining notes and make songs on our own, it'd be like someone mixing a bunch of random chemicals to see what happens. I t could do nothing; or it could explode in our faces. Our composers work to discover songs safely, then release the music in journals and magazines. What's pop?"

((Sorry I took so long! I'll work out an actual ending to the RP as soon as I can.


  • Ami hmm'd thoughtfully.eatpraylove, Sat Nov 7 11:44
    "Oh, I see. To be honest, I only found out that the Zelda series even existed after coming here. Chris showed me the original on the Virtual Console and things sort of spiraled from there." Violet... more
    • "Well, lemme see if I can explain..." — Alleb, Wed Nov 11 17:12
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