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Cop-out! Cop-out, I say!
Sun Nov 29, 2015 21:35

But other than that, this was really fun! I hope we can do it again next year!

By the way, what's the prize for the costume contest?

  • ((Closing remarks!))Alleb, Sun Nov 29 20:51
    After an entire month, I'm finally wrapping this up. I'm sorry I took so long; it was irresponsible of me. And now, for the conclusion that no one was expecting!... more
    • ((I had a blast!))SeaTurtle, Sun Nov 29 23:43
      ((Thanks for hosting this. It was really fun!))
    • Cop-out! Cop-out, I say! — eatpraylove, Sun Nov 29 21:35
      • I hope so too!Alleb, Sun Nov 29 21:47
        Perhaps a bit of a cop-out. ^_^ It was fun to write, though. I'm glad you enjoyed the rest! Chris gets a massive sack of candy. -Alleb
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