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Iximaz and SeaTurtle
“Ow! Hey, watch the fur!”
Tue Dec 1, 2015 22:39

“Sorry!” The Aviator pulled several strands of Zeb’s mane out from his bow tie and straightened it carefully. “Better?”

“Yeah, loads.” Zeb gave her a rather toothy grin. “Right, I’m gonna go get Maxwell. See you at the ceremony!”

The Aviator stood and smoothed out her knee-length skirt, plucking Luxray hairs off the fabric. Not that the blue on blue was very noticeable. “And I have to get Emiran, too,” she said, following him out the door. “Mind if I come with?”

“Nah, not at all!”

The agents parted ways once they reached DIA Central, Zeb bounding eagerly off in one direction while the Aviator went the other. After a bit of wandering, she stopped outside the all-too-familiar door and knocked.

A few moments later, the Guardsman opened the door. He was dressed in a black suit and was desperately trying to tie a black bow tie around his neck with no success. “Arin! Great timing. Do you know how to tie this infernal ribbony thing?”

Oh, now you ask for help?” came Terabyte’s voice from inside the RC. “I could’ve simply looked it up on the Internet and done it for you fifteen minutes ago!

The Guardsman flapped a hand at his robotic partner. “Shh. We’re past that now. So! Arin. Bow tie. Can or can’t do?”

“Tied one for Zeb not five minutes ago,” the Aviator said, grinning. She waved at Terabyte before motioning for the Guardsman. “C’mere, pops.”

The Guardsman leaned forward to let the Time Lady work. “Humans, eh? With their silly little neck-things and such. You know that this is a choking hazard, right? Why can’t they wear ceremonial collars like real civilized peoples? Gah, I miss my dress robes. They looked nicer than this ‘suit’ thing.”

“If ties are a choking hazard, ceremonial collars are a hazard to everyone who happens to get to close.” The Aviator finished tying the Guardsman’s bow tie and stepped back. “Not to mention, they’re a door hazard, too.”

“Then just build wider doorways,” grumbled the Guardsman, touching his bow tie. “Right. So... where to?”

“The Courtyard,” the Aviator said. “Been helping the happy couple get it decorated for a while now, it looks great.” She hooked her arm through the Guardsman’s. “Shall we?”

The Time Lord smiled. “Onwards to food! And the ceremony. But also the food.”

“Food is good,” the Aviator agreed. “The ceremony…” She grimaced. “Well, if the Notary’s behavior at rehearsals last night is anything to go by, it should hopefully—” She broke off and cast a wary glance at the ceiling. “That was close.”

“Don’t tempt the IO, please. Not now, not today.”

“Yeah, Kala would murder me if anything happened and it was my fault.”

When the Time Lords arrived at the Courtyard, the Aviator gave the Guardsman a one-armed hug. “Right, gotta go see to the bride. I’ll catch you at the reception, alright?”

The Guardsman returned the hug. “Sure thing. I’ll just... be here. Existing. Alone. As a plus one,” he said with a mock look of sadness.

“If you don’t like it you can go home,” the Aviator said, sticking her tongue out. She looked around at the already-assembled guests and pointed. “Look, Zeb and Maxwell are over there, you can sit with them.”

“Right-o. See you in a bit, then,” said the Guardsman, pulling off a quick two-fingered salute and walking towards Zeb and his hyperactive plus one.

The Aviator saluted back and went off to find Kala.

  • Vance Wedding: Arrival RPVoyd, Tue Dec 1 15:15
    Sunlight filled the Courtyard, providing a perfect backdrop for the unusual setup placed there. Where there was once just a flat expanse of grass, several rows of chairs sat facing a small gazebo.... more
    • “Ow! Hey, watch the fur!” — Iximaz and SeaTurtle, Tue Dec 1 22:39
      • ... currently struggling with her voluminous dress. Strangely, the skirt didn't seem to be the problem, despite the fact that she remained in girtablilu shape. "Grr... I hate being short... Oh, hi... more
        • "Kala," the Aviator sighed.Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 10:43
          The Aviator stepped to the side and tried to reach the ties, but Kala's scorpion body was too wide for her to reach. "I thought we agreed you'd wait to get dressed until I got here to help," she... more
          • "Er..."Voyd, Wed Dec 2 10:49
            "Sorry... my family's kinda new at the whole 'wedding' thing. I bet Jeta's with the rest of my family." Kala took a moment to admire herself in the mirror. "Wow... never thought I'd look this good in ... more
            • "You kidding?"Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 10:56
              The Aviator clapped Kala on the shoulder. "You look amazing . Just like a bride." She stepped away and headed to the tent's opening. "I'll see if I can go find your sister. You keep looking pretty,... more
              • "Ave, I'm from the desert."Voyd, Wed Dec 2 10:59
                "I know hydration's important." She hefted a sports bottle that looked about half-empty.
                • "Just doing my job."Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 11:09
                  The Aviator grinned. "Right, I'll be back in a bit." She waved and slipped out of the tent, going in search of Kala's sister. It wasn't very hard to find her; four girtablilu are hard to miss even... more
                  • "He's being very defiant... I've told him that a few times now." "Alright, fine..." Ezra was outnumbered now; he reluctantly stood up and walked off toward Valon's tent. Thomas shook his head. "And... more
                    • "I can't imagine," the Aviator said dryly.Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 11:18
                      She glanced over at the Jengs and back to the Vances. "Right, sorry, gotta go. Lots to keep up with today." She waved and headed over to the Jengs, stopping in front of the littlest girl. "Hey, Jeta, ... more
                      • "Yup!"Voyd, Wed Dec 2 11:22
                        She looked up curiously at the Aviator. Her carapace wasn't as shiny as the other members of her family, and looked softer. Unlike her sister, she also had a Roma accent. "Do you know when I throw... more
                        • "Yep!"Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 11:25
                          The Aviator bent so she was at Jeta's eye level and held out a hand, her expression softening. "I'm the Aviator; Kala asked me to be her maid of honor. She's in the tent back there—" She nodded ... more
                          • "Oh, okay!" Voyd, Wed Dec 2 11:28
                            The eleven-year-old girtablilu cheerfully scuttled off toward Kala's tent. "Thank you, miss Aviator!"
                            • The Aviator nodded at Jeta's parents...Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 11:32
                              ...and set off after Jeta at a much more casual stroll. "See, Kala?" she said, stepping into the tent. "I told you I'd take care of it."
                              • Kala offered a few comments here and there, in the same tongue, before turning to the Aviator. "Yeah... she's excited, if you can't tell. Though Araunya was a bit disappointed... she was hoping I'd... more
                                • The Aviator raised an eyebrow.Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 11:44
                                  "She can't have met very many French people, then," she said. "Not that there aren't some handsome blokes, but for the most part they're just like every other human. And Kala, stop playing with your... more
    • Two families filed into the seats...Voyd, Tue Dec 1 17:48
      On the right side, four humans. On the left, four girtablilu. The Vances sat down calmly. Joan Vance, Valon's mother, was a short, jolly-looking woman with vibrant red hair. Eight-year-old Alice and... more
    • An Unusual Wedding PartyDesdendelle & DawnFire, Tue Dec 1 17:17
      “Are you sure ?” Dawn asked. She finished checking her hair in a small, square mirror that had once been used before dance performances and tucked it into a hidden pocket. “Really sure?” “Definitely... more
      • "Hello!"Voyd, Wed Dec 2 09:55
        A black-haired, motherly woman in a pale blue dress approached Dawn, with a small bundle in her arms. "You've got a cat and dragons? So do I!" She held up the bundle; a very Harry Potter-like baby... more
    • Introductory ficlet!SkarmorySilver, Tue Dec 1 17:02
      (Sorry for not posting this sooner, but I've been meaning to write a ficlet for my agents receiving their invites, so here it is - along with their arrival!) Falchion's screech of joy nearly made... more
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