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Wed Dec 2, 2015 09:55

A black-haired, motherly woman in a pale blue dress approached Dawn, with a small bundle in her arms.

"You've got a cat and dragons? So do I!" She held up the bundle; a very Harry Potter-like baby with cat ears, a tail and dragon wings stared curiously at Dawn.


"Oh, where are my manners? I'm Publica Kurusu, and this is my adopted son, Leyuu. We're badfic rescues, thanks to the happy couple."

"Mngl." Leyuu raised one chubby arm, almost as if he was waving at Dawn.

  • An Unusual Wedding PartyDesdendelle & DawnFire, Tue Dec 1 17:17
    “Are you sure ?” Dawn asked. She finished checking her hair in a small, square mirror that had once been used before dance performances and tucked it into a hidden pocket. “Really sure?” “Definitely... more
    • "Hello!" — Voyd, Wed Dec 2 09:55
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