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"Just doing my job."
Wed Dec 2, 2015 11:09

The Aviator grinned. "Right, I'll be back in a bit." She waved and slipped out of the tent, going in search of Kala's sister.

It wasn't very hard to find her; four girtablilu are hard to miss even under the worst circumstances. The Aviator approached and was about to say hi to Jeta when she noticed Ezra was sitting with his family. She gritted her teeth. The kid had been at rehearsal last night, he should have known he was supposed to be with Valon!

Changing course, she moved to tap the boy on the shoulder. "Hey, Ezra, you need to be with Valon right now. Important job to do, and you're sitting here?" She tsked and made a shooing motion with her hand. "Better hurry up, you don't want to keep him waiting."

  • "Ave, I'm from the desert."Voyd, Wed Dec 2 10:59
    "I know hydration's important." She hefted a sports bottle that looked about half-empty.
    • "Just doing my job." — Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 11:09
      • "He's being very defiant... I've told him that a few times now." "Alright, fine..." Ezra was outnumbered now; he reluctantly stood up and walked off toward Valon's tent. Thomas shook his head. "And... more
        • "I can't imagine," the Aviator said dryly.Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 11:18
          She glanced over at the Jengs and back to the Vances. "Right, sorry, gotta go. Lots to keep up with today." She waved and headed over to the Jengs, stopping in front of the littlest girl. "Hey, Jeta, ... more
          • "Yup!"Voyd, Wed Dec 2 11:22
            She looked up curiously at the Aviator. Her carapace wasn't as shiny as the other members of her family, and looked softer. Unlike her sister, she also had a Roma accent. "Do you know when I throw... more
            • "Yep!"Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 11:25
              The Aviator bent so she was at Jeta's eye level and held out a hand, her expression softening. "I'm the Aviator; Kala asked me to be her maid of honor. She's in the tent back there—" She nodded ... more
              • "Oh, okay!" Voyd, Wed Dec 2 11:28
                The eleven-year-old girtablilu cheerfully scuttled off toward Kala's tent. "Thank you, miss Aviator!"
                • The Aviator nodded at Jeta's parents...Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 11:32
                  ...and set off after Jeta at a much more casual stroll. "See, Kala?" she said, stepping into the tent. "I told you I'd take care of it."
                  • Kala offered a few comments here and there, in the same tongue, before turning to the Aviator. "Yeah... she's excited, if you can't tell. Though Araunya was a bit disappointed... she was hoping I'd... more
                    • The Aviator raised an eyebrow.Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 11:44
                      "She can't have met very many French people, then," she said. "Not that there aren't some handsome blokes, but for the most part they're just like every other human. And Kala, stop playing with your... more
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