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Jeta began chattering at her sister in Sumerian.
Wed Dec 2, 2015 11:39

Kala offered a few comments here and there, in the same tongue, before turning to the Aviator. "Yeah... she's excited, if you can't tell. Though Araunya was a bit disappointed... she was hoping I'd have someone more handsome. I told her that not everyone in the world is French." She laughed a bit, before fiddling with her hair. "Hrm... I'm so used to wearing this in a ponytail... it looks weird when I wear it down like this..."

"I think you look pretty, Kala!" Jeta remained cheerful, still holding the basket tightly in her claws.

  • The Aviator nodded at Jeta's parents...Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 11:32
    ...and set off after Jeta at a much more casual stroll. "See, Kala?" she said, stepping into the tent. "I told you I'd take care of it."
    • Jeta began chattering at her sister in Sumerian. — Voyd, Wed Dec 2 11:39
      • The Aviator raised an eyebrow.Iximaz, Wed Dec 2 11:44
        "She can't have met very many French people, then," she said. "Not that there aren't some handsome blokes, but for the most part they're just like every other human. And Kala, stop playing with your... more
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