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Round 1.
Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:51

In circle C5, the word 'Scrabble'. The 'A' (C5-NE) should go on point 3. The 'L' modifier (C5-SW) should go on point 1.

1 point to Huinesoron. Game is open to all players.


  • Circular Gallifreyan ScrabbleHuinesoron, Mon Dec 14 10:47
    So who's ready to play the most bonkers game this side of PPC Cluedo? Circular Gallifreyan Scrabble (CGS) is exactly what it sounds like: scrabble played with the fan-made Circular Gallifreyan... more
    • Rules Clarification SubthreadHuinesoron, Mon Dec 14 10:54
      Wherein I will clarify rules if asked. hS
      • New words must intersect old ones.Huinesoron, Mon Dec 14 10:55
        No going off and planting a new word in an empty space - like normal scrabble, you have to share at least one letter with a pre-existing word. (Or add a tile to an empty slot in a preexisting word,... more
        • Consonant modifiers on tile 4.Huinesoron, Tue Dec 15 04:59
          A consonant modifier only applies if placed on points 1 or 2 in tile 4. On tiles 1-3, modifiers can still be placed on any numbered point. Vowel placement has not changed. (This is because a modifier ... more
          • Which points can be changed?Huinesoron, Tue Dec 15 05:00
            The rule is that, in a single round, you can only change the tiles and points in one circle. Adding a consonant modifier to a point on your tile but not part of your circle is not permitted. hS
            • Altering this rule.Huinesoron, Fri Dec 18 06:44
              Because I just tried to do it and realised it's too strict: You may only change the base tiles in one circle. It is permitted to add modifiers and vowels to portions of those tiles which are not... more
            • On scoring multiple words.Huinesoron, Tue Dec 15 06:05
              In order to get multiple points on your turn, you must specifically say that your change makes more than one word. Otherwise it doesn't count. hS
    • Round 1. — Huinesoron, Mon Dec 14 10:51
      • Alright, lemme give it a shot.Iximaz, Mon Dec 14 11:40
        "Sacs" in E6, connecting to the SC- in "Scrabble"? I'm not entirely sure how the letters connect, so bear with me here. ^^;
        • Juuust about.Huinesoron, Mon Dec 14 12:07
          You can't put the new 'Sa' right next to the 'c', because that would give F5 two modifiers (making the word 'Arca', which I think is a Jedi master, but not a scrabble word), so I've shifted it down.... more
          • Guess I can give it a shot.Hardric, Mon Dec 14 12:33
            Photo in G6? Not sure bout where placing it, although I guess the bottom one of this circle is not allowed. Hardric, trying to understand this game.
            • Very nice!Huinesoron, Mon Dec 14 15:06
              Nothing can go in G6-NW, because it would slip into the middle of 'sacs'. Putting anything in G6-N means working around that -TAJ above it. And as you say, putting anything in G6-S might activate the ... more
              • Round 4 - 'Library' in D5.Huinesoron, Tue Dec 15 04:54
                I've also added greytext to ALL surrounding circles, because why not? Some of them have one modifier, some have none. (And remember that those letters can be changed! In that 'BB--TA' up in D4, for... more
                • If nobody else is trying it...Hardric, Tue Dec 15 05:28
                  Data in G7, South, since it would be the only position working here.
                  • A point to you!Huinesoron, Tue Dec 15 05:56
                    Since the -J- in H7 doesn't include a modifier, you could've gotten away with putting the 'DA' in G7-SE, but this position works just fine. Hardric - 2 Huinesoron - 2 Iximaz - 1 Board is open.
                    • "Bile" in C4?Iximaz, Tue Dec 15 22:16
                      Assuming that works. I'm just flailing at this point. XD
                      • Uh... C4?Huinesoron, Wed Dec 16 03:31
                        C4 currently contains 'TTO-'; since there's no way to alter vowels, I'm pretty sure that doesn't work. The only place I can see that 'Bile' could fit is G5. hS
                        • Oh oops. G5, then.Iximaz, Wed Dec 16 09:28
                          • A point to you. ^_^Huinesoron, Wed Dec 16 10:50
                            Hardric - 2 Huinesoron - 2 Iximaz - 2 Now I wonder if I can do something with that -jbj-... hS
                            • Yes, I can. Seraphim, I6.Huinesoron, Wed Dec 16 11:13
                              Hardric - 2 Huinesoron - 3 Iximaz - 2 The trick is remembering that consonants are not fixed . If you've got an unmodified consonant (B, J, T, or TH) in your prospective circle, you can change it for ... more
                              • You mean H6, right?Hardric, Wed Dec 16 12:33
                                As for my move, would 'battle' in G8 work?
                                • Oops, yes I do.Huinesoron, Thu Dec 17 06:07
                                  And unfortunately not - it would need a T in G8-N, which would inject a T into 'Data', making 'Datat', which is not in the OED. hS
                                  • Okay.Hardric, Thu Dec 17 06:19
                                    Would 'ball' work, then?
                                    • Absolutely.Huinesoron, Thu Dec 17 08:11
                                      Hardric - 3 Huinesoron - 3 Iximaz - 2 Board is open. So how are people finding it? I'm noticing a general trend towards short words that don't modify letters already in place, I guess because it's... more
                                      • Must admit...Hardric, Thu Dec 17 08:23
                                        I'm not exactly comfortable with changing lettrs, because I'm always thinking I'll screw up something. Besides, I never really played Scrabble a lot before, and I never played it in foreign language... more
                                        • It is a bit of a shame people didn't jump in.Huinesoron, Fri Dec 18 06:23
                                          But oh well, as they say. If you'd like, you can offer multiple words at a time - one (or more) with changed letters, and then a 'safe' option at the end. I'll run through the list and see which ones ... more
                                          • Round 9: Morale, F5.Huinesoron, Fri Dec 18 06:47
                                            Though I did spend a lot of time trying to squeeze in another tile in F5-S; I found a way to make it work for 'sacs', but then realised I was reading 'photo' wrong. (The only reason I look like I... more
                                            • My propositions...Hardric, Fri Dec 18 11:00
                                              Keychain for C5 Magic for H5 Banjo for G9.
                                              • You can have 'Banjo'.Huinesoron, Fri Dec 18 11:23
                                                For the others, take a look back at the chart in the first post . A consonant can only be changed to another one that uses the same base tile. So, for instance, in C5 we have a 'Y' (fine, you used... more
                                                • "Axolotl" in... uh, the circle below "library" and to the left of "sacs". *crosses fingers and hopes this is a legitimate play*
                                                  • I wish. :-/Huinesoron, Sat Dec 19 06:48
                                                    That would be an awesome move. But unfortunately, 'A-XO-LO' needs three slots before the -TL-, and there's only room for two. :( (Also, one would have to slot in in such a way that it would stick on... more
                                                    • If I can make a move...Hardric, Sun Dec 20 06:36
                                                      I would like to place 'keystone' in C5. En Taro Artanis.
                                                      • And you can!Huinesoron, Mon Dec 21 05:40
                                                        I've left the gap at the top, because otherwise C4 would read 'TTO--TA', with both vowels as modifiers, and would have to be a word. Hardric - 5 Huinesoron - 4 Iximaz - 2 Board is open. Ix, fancy... more
                                                • Got it, I think. (nm)Hardric, Fri Dec 18 11:24
                    • (Not a turn) Bother, 'tab' is a word, isn't it?Huinesoron, Tue Dec 15 06:04
                      Up in E4... I could've claimed an extra point on my very first turn if I'd noticed that. Oh well, too late now. hS
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