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New words must intersect old ones.
Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:55

No going off and planting a new word in an empty space - like normal scrabble, you have to share at least one letter with a pre-existing word. (Or add a tile to an empty slot in a preexisting word, making it into a new word and simultaneously starting off a new one... yeah, good luck with that. ^_^)


  • Rules Clarification SubthreadHuinesoron, Mon Dec 14 10:54
    Wherein I will clarify rules if asked. hS
    • New words must intersect old ones. — Huinesoron, Mon Dec 14 10:55
      • Consonant modifiers on tile 4.Huinesoron, Tue Dec 15 04:59
        A consonant modifier only applies if placed on points 1 or 2 in tile 4. On tiles 1-3, modifiers can still be placed on any numbered point. Vowel placement has not changed. (This is because a modifier ... more
        • Which points can be changed?Huinesoron, Tue Dec 15 05:00
          The rule is that, in a single round, you can only change the tiles and points in one circle. Adding a consonant modifier to a point on your tile but not part of your circle is not permitted. hS
          • Altering this rule.Huinesoron, Fri Dec 18 06:44
            Because I just tried to do it and realised it's too strict: You may only change the base tiles in one circle. It is permitted to add modifiers and vowels to portions of those tiles which are not... more
          • On scoring multiple words.Huinesoron, Tue Dec 15 06:05
            In order to get multiple points on your turn, you must specifically say that your change makes more than one word. Otherwise it doesn't count. hS
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