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Juuust about.
Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:07

You can't put the new 'Sa' right next to the 'c', because that would give F5 two modifiers (making the word 'Arca', which I think is a Jedi master, but not a scrabble word), so I've shifted it down. I've also added the extra 'C' dots for the, uh, C. Otherwise it would say 'Sajs', since the dots I put in for 'scrabble' aren't in a numbered space for 'sacs'.

So the word reads, anticlockwise from the bottom:


Which is what you said.

One point to Team Iximaz! Board is open for the next player. (Which can be you again if you've got one.) I've put in the current text of circles with one modifier in italic grey; they aren't words, of course (yet).


PS: Board is open, but hS is heading home, so there might be a delay. Possibly overnight. ~hS

  • Alright, lemme give it a shot.Iximaz, Mon Dec 14 11:40
    "Sacs" in E6, connecting to the SC- in "Scrabble"? I'm not entirely sure how the letters connect, so bear with me here. ^^;
    • Juuust about. — Huinesoron, Mon Dec 14 12:07
      • Guess I can give it a shot.Hardric, Mon Dec 14 12:33
        Photo in G6? Not sure bout where placing it, although I guess the bottom one of this circle is not allowed. Hardric, trying to understand this game.
        • Very nice!Huinesoron, Mon Dec 14 15:06
          Nothing can go in G6-NW, because it would slip into the middle of 'sacs'. Putting anything in G6-N means working around that -TAJ above it. And as you say, putting anything in G6-S might activate the ... more
          • Round 4 - 'Library' in D5.Huinesoron, Tue Dec 15 04:54
            I've also added greytext to ALL surrounding circles, because why not? Some of them have one modifier, some have none. (And remember that those letters can be changed! In that 'BB--TA' up in D4, for... more
            • If nobody else is trying it...Hardric, Tue Dec 15 05:28
              Data in G7, South, since it would be the only position working here.
              • A point to you!Huinesoron, Tue Dec 15 05:56
                Since the -J- in H7 doesn't include a modifier, you could've gotten away with putting the 'DA' in G7-SE, but this position works just fine. Hardric - 2 Huinesoron - 2 Iximaz - 1 Board is open.
                • "Bile" in C4?Iximaz, Tue Dec 15 22:16
                  Assuming that works. I'm just flailing at this point. XD
                  • Uh... C4?Huinesoron, Wed Dec 16 03:31
                    C4 currently contains 'TTO-'; since there's no way to alter vowels, I'm pretty sure that doesn't work. The only place I can see that 'Bile' could fit is G5. hS
                    • Oh oops. G5, then.Iximaz, Wed Dec 16 09:28
                      • A point to you. ^_^Huinesoron, Wed Dec 16 10:50
                        Hardric - 2 Huinesoron - 2 Iximaz - 2 Now I wonder if I can do something with that -jbj-... hS
                        • Yes, I can. Seraphim, I6.Huinesoron, Wed Dec 16 11:13
                          Hardric - 2 Huinesoron - 3 Iximaz - 2 The trick is remembering that consonants are not fixed . If you've got an unmodified consonant (B, J, T, or TH) in your prospective circle, you can change it for ... more
                          • You mean H6, right?Hardric, Wed Dec 16 12:33
                            As for my move, would 'battle' in G8 work?
                            • Oops, yes I do.Huinesoron, Thu Dec 17 06:07
                              And unfortunately not - it would need a T in G8-N, which would inject a T into 'Data', making 'Datat', which is not in the OED. hS
                              • Okay.Hardric, Thu Dec 17 06:19
                                Would 'ball' work, then?
                                • Absolutely.Huinesoron, Thu Dec 17 08:11
                                  Hardric - 3 Huinesoron - 3 Iximaz - 2 Board is open. So how are people finding it? I'm noticing a general trend towards short words that don't modify letters already in place, I guess because it's... more
                                  • Must admit...Hardric, Thu Dec 17 08:23
                                    I'm not exactly comfortable with changing lettrs, because I'm always thinking I'll screw up something. Besides, I never really played Scrabble a lot before, and I never played it in foreign language... more
                                    • It is a bit of a shame people didn't jump in.Huinesoron, Fri Dec 18 06:23
                                      But oh well, as they say. If you'd like, you can offer multiple words at a time - one (or more) with changed letters, and then a 'safe' option at the end. I'll run through the list and see which ones ... more
                                      • Round 9: Morale, F5.Huinesoron, Fri Dec 18 06:47
                                        Though I did spend a lot of time trying to squeeze in another tile in F5-S; I found a way to make it work for 'sacs', but then realised I was reading 'photo' wrong. (The only reason I look like I... more
                                        • My propositions...Hardric, Fri Dec 18 11:00
                                          Keychain for C5 Magic for H5 Banjo for G9.
                                          • You can have 'Banjo'.Huinesoron, Fri Dec 18 11:23
                                            For the others, take a look back at the chart in the first post . A consonant can only be changed to another one that uses the same base tile. So, for instance, in C5 we have a 'Y' (fine, you used... more
                                            • "Axolotl" in... uh, the circle below "library" and to the left of "sacs". *crosses fingers and hopes this is a legitimate play*
                                              • I wish. :-/Huinesoron, Sat Dec 19 06:48
                                                That would be an awesome move. But unfortunately, 'A-XO-LO' needs three slots before the -TL-, and there's only room for two. :( (Also, one would have to slot in in such a way that it would stick on... more
                                                • If I can make a move...Hardric, Sun Dec 20 06:36
                                                  I would like to place 'keystone' in C5. En Taro Artanis.
                                                  • And you can!Huinesoron, Mon Dec 21 05:40
                                                    I've left the gap at the top, because otherwise C4 would read 'TTO--TA', with both vowels as modifiers, and would have to be a word. Hardric - 5 Huinesoron - 4 Iximaz - 2 Board is open. Ix, fancy... more
                                            • Got it, I think. (nm)Hardric, Fri Dec 18 11:24
                • (Not a turn) Bother, 'tab' is a word, isn't it?Huinesoron, Tue Dec 15 06:04
                  Up in E4... I could've claimed an extra point on my very first turn if I'd noticed that. Oh well, too late now. hS
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