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OOC: I'm really sorry about the wait.
Mon Jan 4, 2016 08:11

I've been busy with a lot of RL stuff and, well... I had a post. And then the Board ate it. Which sucked a bit. =[

  • PPC New Year's Gift Exchange 2016SkarmorySilver, Sat Jan 2 10:55
    (Well... I couldn't get the time to work with this sooner, since the Board went down yesterday. But anyway, here it is: THE 2016 PPC NEW YEAR'S GIFT EXCHANGE! The rules can be found here , and the... more
    • OOC: I'm really sorry about the wait. — Scapegrace, Mon Jan 4 08:11
      • OOC: In light of recent events...SkarmorySilver , Mon Jan 4 09:44
        ...would you guys be in favor of moving this RP to the T-Board? It won't be as likely to freeze up on us, and we could test out how it performs under a normal level of usage.
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