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Stella Term LLC & Jade Sprain Waiting Room Foot Massage
Wed Nov 18, 2015 00:30

Broken Angelz Clip: Stella Term LLC & Jade Sprain Waiting Room Foot Massage + Amy_cast Upsized clips-

Stella Term LLC & Jade Sprain Waiting Room Foot Massage
(English) Stella crutches into her orthopedist's office to have her aching casted leg checked on. Its an appointment she has dreaded each passing week after her accident as she is always told her leg is healing slowly and she will need to stay in the cast another week, always just another week... She lost so much hope, she doesn't even bring another shoe in anymore just in case this will be the week the cast comes off. It never is and she doesn't want to jinx things. This week she is in for a treat though. Another patient, Jade crutches in nursing a sprain. Jade seems the talkative type and she tells Stella about her accident. Stella is in a dark mood and doesn't want to talk about her mishap. Jade senses she needs a pick-me-up and offers to share her soothing foot cream with Stella. It feels so good as Jade rubs it on offering a foot massage in the process. The oily base will also better protect Stella's cold exposed toes against the cool Fall winter air outside as well! Stella now feels good enough to offer Jade a reciprocal foot massage. Jade notes Stella's flexible toes and shows off her own double jointed foot and ankle. Each of them finally takes their single boot off and engage in some foot play with each others good foot as well.


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