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Metatarsal fracture
Sun Apr 22, 2018 13:51

hi all,
I am conducting a research on life habits of people suffering from fractures in their foot and being leg casted. My research method implies living in person this experience, discover the pain points and come-up with solutions to improve people's experience in such situations.

I placed myself in a cast, but it was hard for me to keep strict habits without having a real injury such us: non-weight bearing, walking on crutches, etc. . So, I have decided to move one step forward and get a real fracture to fully live the experience.

As weird as it sounds, I will appreciate if you can advise on the less painful and effective way to break my 5th metatarsal. Please try to be as precise as possible not to worsen the injury too much…

Thank you very much for your time, understanding and help. I will share the results of my study with you.

All the best.

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