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David F Mayer
It must be done en masse.
Sun May 10, 2009 10:30am

A few letters will not do much. But tens of thousands of letters can have an effect.

We need a 10 page (or even a one page) income tax code.

No tax credits.

No deductions.

No tax shelters.

No loopholes.

Everybody will pay the same rate with reasonable personal exemptions per person.

Write to your Congressman, Senators, & friends. Ask your friends to write to their Congressmen, Senators, & friends. This is NOT an illegal chain letter because it does not ask for anything of value to be sent. It is a grass-roots campaign and is perfectly legal. It can work if ENOUGH letters are actually received from ENOUGH DIFFERENT voters. The very FIRST thing that the congressional staffers will do is to look up the name on a list of registered voters. Letters from non-voters don't count, so be sure to include

Street address
City, State ZIP
Congressional district

You can find all necessary contact information here:

Simply enter your ZIP code and hit the adjacent "GO" button. It is that easy.

David F Mayer

  • Let's write to D.C.ruthie lancaster, Sun May 10 9:40am
    Your tax plan sounds a lot better than theirs.
    • It must be done en masse. — David F Mayer, Sun May 10 10:30am
      • As much as I hate to appear pessimistic....Sprout, Wed May 13 2:09am
        I am uncertain that a letter writing campaign would be sufficient to enact this large a change.... I suspect that this scale of change cannot be enacted until the while mindset in DCchanges. Until... more
        • situation. DC is drunk on money, and it is hard to take booze away from an alkie. But, we must start SOMEWHERE. IMHO, RIGID campaign spending limits and banning of ALL contributions are the key to... more
          • I agree. (nm)clint (I), Sun Dec 12 5:49pm
          • There are conspiracy nuts of all stripe....Sprout, Fri May 15 10:27pm
            And I have heard some who think that a second civil war or second revolutionary war is coming.... I don't buy it. Overall folks are too apathetic IMO. It would take a LOT more before any significant... more
      • David perhaps you could createsym, Sun May 10 11:40am
        a sample letter that people could adapt and link to it? A lot of folks really don't know how to write a decent letter that logically outlines the goal in a way that's comprehensible in a red-tape... more
        • I would like the members to contribute ideas.David F Mayer, Mon May 11 9:33pm
          But it is VERY important that each person express the ideas in his own words. Cookie-cutter letters are automatically discounted by congressional staffers. I await suggestions from members on topics... more
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