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David F Mayer
VAT = Universal Sales Tax at All Levels. It stinks.
Fri May 15, 2009 10:25am

VAT is another example of how "liberal" Europe kisses the butts of the rich guys while taxing the hell out of the working classes.

So are "Payroll Taxes". They are equally regressive, having a cap on contributions, yet used not to fill retirement funds, but instead as general revenues. Another burden shifted from the rich to the working classes.

My FLAT TAX is the fairest thing to date. Because it is so very simple, it will be next to impossible to avoid legally.

25% of all income from all sources, no exceptions, no deductions for anything whatsoever, no tax credits of any kind, with a personal exemption of $6000 per person. There is no way that juggling income will work. This will, at last, force the rich to pay their fair share.

Each and every complexity beyond the bare minimum is just a way for the rich to avoid the taxes by hiring lawyers and accounts to manipulate numbers to their advantage.

A ONE page (80 columns, 60 lines, plain English) tax code is no place to hide loopholes for special interests.

Today, we have a personal income tax code tens of thousands of pages long, of which perhaps 10 pages apply for the working slobs and the rest consists of loopholes and tax breaks for wealthy and generous campaign donors.

  • Likewise.Poppet, Fri May 15 9:19am
    Sales Taxes are, by their very nature, regressive. Even when exceptions are made for certain necessities like food and medicine, the overall effect is to collect a far greater portion of the income... more
    • VAT = Universal Sales Tax at All Levels. It stinks. — David F Mayer, Fri May 15 10:25am
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