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Ronnie Baldeschwiler
National Disaster
Sun Aug 7, 2016 11:28am

Our nation is at extreme risk, and no one seems to care. I am not some conspiracy nut, just plain common sense. You can research the facts yourself. Today there is a 'new trend' of making money by offering year around hunting of Plains Game from Africa, setting up so called 5 star resorts with trophy hunting African antelope on high fenced ranch. the problem is !!! There is no test for the diseases they carry, and our native wildlife, domestic herds have no immunity for any of these diseases, some which could carry diseases know to effect man, the reasons why they do not wish to travel to Africa. Where is the proof ? I worked for one of these ranches, got scared by the unknown causes of large numbers of death, and left. Reported it to Texas Parks& Wildlife. 3 years later they confiscated and killed their herd of native whitetail. The dying animals, were part of a private zoo, moved in the night from public view, some sold and shipped all over Texas illegally. At this same time I made the connection with over 3 thousand dead horses in South Texas, all around the 3 counties with African Plains Game. Facts are there, proof is there, we need to close our borders to exotic wild life, for the small gains of profit. These animal have the potential to wipe out our native herds, even if you had a cure, how could you treat a whole nation of wild deer, elk. antelope. Then turn to the economics of losing all of our domestic, same as the 3 thousand horses, deaths they covered up, and blamed on ticks. What are they doing in Florida today with trying to stop the new misquote virus? How many more viruses do we need ? All for these invasive species, that history records as disastrous everywhere it has happen ! Look at Texas years ago, importation of Mexico cattle infected the whole state with TB, cost to industry Billions. Shall we wait until the diseases are here in our soils, ponds that breed misquotes, killing all with no immunity ? Nuts !!! For what ? A few good old rich boys to kill a animal they have no intention of eating ? Stop the importation of DEATH !Same as snakes we do not need in our country ! The Idiots in charge with no common sense, told me all of these animals have cleared quarantine times, and are safe! I told him lets put ten Black Mambas in quarantine, when they are still alive at the end of quarantine, let's throw you in and see how well you do ! Same as our native animals, they have no immunity for the death carried by others.

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