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Ronnie Baldeschwiler
Sun Aug 7, 2016 11:52am

WE are destroying our water, and no one sees the danger. It takes some explaining and understanding of drilling wells. Today our 'OIL' safety experts understand these methods, and the proper procedures for drilling for oil and gas. The oil industry protects our water zones, ensures there is no damages. Yet due to cost, no one forces these same safety procedures onto those drilling water wells. Thus people drilling water wells drill thru several different sands, and with out any protection to the bore, allow salt water sand zones above fresh water aquifers below to flow freely thru the unprotected bore. Thus mother nature has been fractured, the heavier salt water flows unstopped to the pure aquifer below. How long will it take for the salt to dominate the fresh ? How many centuries will it take for mother nature to naturally separate the two waters ? Again, man destroying what he simply does not understand ! No one sees the danger, nor understand. Understand this ! I can show you hundreds of wells to today, drilled for crops, those wells salted the land beyond use ! Understand what I am saying now ???? Problem is so easy to fix, cement the pipe back to surface. The problem is one, every well drilled needs repair, problem two, cost ! problem 3, we do nothing & destroy all of our fresh water.

    • Each danger needs to be foreseen, not patched up LATER. I would suggest that you share your concerns with the major environmental organizations. Also write your senator and representatives, both... more
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