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Ronnie Baldeschwiler
The Constitution
Sun Aug 7, 2016 2:28pm

WE need everyone understanding every word of the Constitution, understanding every meaning of every word. We need Trump to abolish the government's hording of 'so called public land' which is far from public, and has never been used by public for public benefit. More of a politician get rich making deals on oil, gas, and minerals. Void all contracts that exist,return the land to each state to be sold to US citizens only, with limits set to acreage, and 99 year agreement not to be sold to any other than America citizen for private use. Remove the Federal government control of all said lands, and off shore oil leases divided among the states they impact. This removes the money from the monster called the Federal Government! Let each state regulate their own state laws governing timber permits, oil, gas, or mineral permits. Allow the private ownership of the land as meant to be. God did not create the world for a few to horde. This allows those with dreams of Happiness to fulfill their God given right to own their own piece of the US, to build their own homes, ranches, farms. To be evolved with the tremendous job of making the land improvements to sustain themselves, and the wild life as well. As God intended, he placed man above all creatures in the world, we should take that responsibility seriously, with respect for all of mankind, and our future generations. Oil, gas, mineral rights should be used for each state, as they see fit, infrastructure, medical, education.Stop the abuse, and corruption !

    • READING in high school, and students should need to pass a test on it to graduate. DFM
    • The ConstitutionReferee, Sun Aug 7 4:29pm
      Here is a link to Hillsdale College FREE Online course: Constitution 101 - The Meaning and History of the Constitution. This will go a long way... more
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