Ideas for Improving America
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Patrick Mortorano
Straighten Out Immigration
Mon Aug 8, 2016 2:19pm

My idea is to straighten out immigration. What I propose to do is start at the border and give everyone a green card. Everyone must get finger printed and give DNA. You are allowed in the Country to work and you get no benefits. Your kids can go to school but after one year they must learn English. We will not keep paying for education for English as a second language. In 15 years you can apply for citizenship. If your record is crime free and you pass the test like everyone else you can become a citizen. Any person that is already here must go and register, that means finger prints and DNA taken. If you have a felony record, you are deported. Any business from this point forward that hires an undocumented worker will be criminally charged. This will stop the hiring of illegals. Also only criminals will want to sneak past the wall that both parties will agree that has to be built because all innocent people are welcome here. By doing this, these people will make roots in America and kick out the criminals. All the gang members have to go. After 15 years they can get benefits like any other citizen. Any person in the Country without papers will be deported. This will end the debate about the wall.

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