Ideas for Improving America
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Steven B Fisher
Steven B Fisher's List (will be split into separate issues)
Mon Aug 8, 2016 2:35pm

1. No politician gets an exemption from any law.
2. Balance the budget or you are not eligible for re-election.
3. Two Terms and out.
4. No Lifetime Pensions.
5. Tort Reform - Limit insane legal settlements.
6. Local control of School curriculum
7. No "grading on a curve" allowed. Either you learn the subject or you flunk.
8. Enforce our Borders and our Immigration Laws.
9. Stiffen Visa enforcement.
10. Abolish Electronic voting Machines. (Back to paper ballots!)
11. No Trade Deficits
12. Abolish the Fed.

Steven B Fisher

    • Every nation must have a central bank in order to maintain control of money supply and foreign trade. The "Fed", the Federal Reserve System, is simply the central bank of the United States. There is... more
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