Ideas for Improving America
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Tue Jan 9, 2018 12:06pm

As things stand now, there are precious few legal requirements for an individual to run for and be elected to the POTUS: native born American citizen, minimum age of 35, having resided in the US for the past 14 years.

There are NO educational requirements, no skill set requirements, no experience needed in the world of business, politics, etc.

Should that change? I think it should. Legally speaking, the POTUS is not even required to have graduated from high school, or to be literate. That's crazy.

One would hope that the voter researches each potential candidates background, but too many rely on what the media tells them. The media is a poor information source.

I do think the legal standards for who holds the office should be beefed up. Hopefully in such a case, we would be able to weed out the some of the problems. Hopefully.

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