Dave Hutchinson
Thu Jan 28, 2010 05:56

Great app, but surely there's a better icon you could use?

    • Re: Icon Sean Brunnock, Thu Jan 28 09:50
      Sorry. I'm better at programming than drawing.
      • Checkup icon Dave Hutchinson, Thu Jan 28 11:44
        Do you accept icon donations? if so, any ide what the format needs to be? I've only ever designed them for WinMo devices
        • Re: Checkup icon Tamara, Mon Feb 1 09:10
          We'd be happy to see what you have in mind. Apple requires two formats of the same icon. One is a 512x512 jpg and the other is a 57x57 png.
          • Re: Checkup icon Dave Hutchinson, Mon Feb 1 11:28
            How do I send attachments?
            • Re: Checkup icon Tamara, Mon Feb 1 12:25
              You can send via email to webmaster@yourwebapps.com .