Joe Kenny
Gps diagnostic
Sun Jul 31, 2011 16:22

I have been having trouble with my gps. Actually
It doesn't appear to be working

I purchased your app hoping that it could
Determine if the problem was software hardware
Or firmware. The app just gives
Me a longitude an latitude but nothing else.
I assume that it is getting that info from the local
tower rather than the satellite. Does that sound

Also are there plans to update this app to at least
say whether the device has passed the test. It
would be very helpful if it could also report the
Error that it seeing.

    • Re: Gps diagnostic Sean Brunnock, Mon Aug 1 12:04
      At the time that I developed this app, the iPhone Location Services API didn't allow me to probe the hardware used. I'm afraid I can't update the app. Apple has made the APIs even more restrictive.