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Wildwood Days
Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:45pm

Just reading some posts and getting nostalgic over Wildwood, the second home to many a Darbarian in the 50's, 60's and 70's. The Micalizzi Family of Branford Road had a boarding house on Lincoln Avenue, a couple feet away from The Shamrock. We stayed there every year and I can still hear the sounds at night-the music coming from The Fairview and the crowds lined up at The Shamrock...And the people! The streets were packed with families coming back from the boardwalk, teenagers heading to the Diner and hoards of people out clubbing.

    • WildwoodRobert Daley, Fri Sep 14 11:38am
      Now that I am retired, not a day goes by that I don't think of moving to Wildwood. I spent the summer there in 1967 or 68, not sure exactly and many summers renting for a week there after that. My... more
      • Re: WildwoodAnonymous, Sat Sep 15 12:25pm
        Wildwood has changed tremendously since 2000. Houses going down, condos going up. Half the boardwalk vendors don't speak English. Russo's has gone, Urie's has changed. But don't despair! It's still... more
    • Shamrock Wildwoodfran murphy, Tue Mar 3 12:15pm
      Rode by the Shamrock last weekend, it is for sale !!
      • Shamrock SaloonAl Knystautas, Wed Mar 4 10:58am
        It was the 7 for 1 that got me into trouble... met my first wife as a result. I had a friend from the Lithuanian dance group I belonged to in the late 60's (okay, no laughing) that was a bar tender... more
    • Gizmos SteaksBob Daley, Thu Nov 20 1:39pm
      Gizmos was great. Ate ther all the time during the summer of 1967.
    • Re: Wildwood DaysPat Allman, Wed Apr 29 8:48pm
      God we lived for Senoir Week.! What a great time. Worked 2 more summers down there at the Bolero in the late 70's . What a great time
    • WildwoodJack Rhodes, Wed Apr 29 5:06pm
      Hey Lorraine, here's a memory that's a little blurred around the substance abuse edges. Right in the center of the main drag running into Wildwood was a Chesse steak place called??? Was it Bismo's??? ... more
      • CheesesteaksLorraine, Wed Apr 29 9:14pm
        I remember Mr. D's....
        • Wildwood lifeguardJoey Shuker, Thu Apr 30 1:28am
          Lorraine I ate at Mr.D's almost everyday the 2 summers I spent as a Wildwood lifeguard ! Got paid $25 a day and got half price at Mr.D's after work...I had to work the door at the Shamrock at night... more
          • WildwoodLinda B, Thu Apr 30 2:04am
            Hi Joe, Did you really work the door at the Shamrock? Do you remember any of the bartenders there at the time? We still go there. Jack has been there forever. There is a place right across the street ... more
            • ShamrockJoey Shuker, Thu Apr 30 9:34am
              I did when they needed me I went between the Shamrock and the oasis my dad new Pat he would call the beach when he needed me loved it !This was in 1979 and 1980...
      • WildwoodMarylou(verna)Boyle, Wed Apr 29 5:50pm
        Jack, wasn't it GIZMO'S CHEESE STEAKS /A friend of mine used to work there in the summer
        • WildwoodJack Rhodes, Wed Apr 29 6:03pm
          Thanks Marylou...Gizmo's it was! Thanks for the help there...those were post Army days for me, and another "Jack" (Daniels) was too often traveling with me. But God knows I loved those cheese steaks. ... more
    • Micalizzi'smaria bellano scandle, Wed Apr 29 11:09am
      Wow, that's a memory I had forgotten. I stayed at the Micalizzi boarding house during Senior week! What a crazy time that was. It was a last minute trip, I wasn't going to go because most of my... more
    • Re: Wildwood Days" Lutzie ", Tue Apr 28 6:11am
      Lorraine, I served an 8year sentence at B.V.M. Correctional Facility with Debra Micalizzi.
      • MicalizzisConnie McIntyre Tatman, Wed Apr 29 8:07am
        I was in class with Marlynne. Sr Clement called her Micky
    • Wildwood DaysLinda B, Mon Apr 27 10:18pm
      Hi Lorraine, my husband and I have a place in North Wildwood and we get down there almost every weekend. We still go to the Shamrock but we also get nostalgic over the old wildwood. It has changed so ... more
    • wildwood daysrita bissell, Mon Apr 27 10:08pm
      lorraine - marylou's wearing her "shamrock cafe wildwood nj" t-shirt in the picture where she's kissing me ... i'm wearing my pucca shells (did i spell that correctly?)
    • Re: Wildwood DaysRich C, Mon Apr 27 9:59pm
      Watch The Tram Car Please.
      • Re: Wildwood DaysRich C, Mon Apr 27 10:02pm
        Getcher Self A Fudgie Wudgie.....Fudgie Wudgie Here!
        • Wildwood DaysLinda B, Mon Apr 27 10:25pm
          Yo Rich, remember Nates Hot Dogs where you could get 5 for $1.00 or the Tropical Drink place where everyone would go get Coconut Milk, the perfect remedy for a hangover! lol
          • NatesRich C, Mon Apr 27 10:32pm
            Linda funny you should mention Nates because I was going to put something here about them. When my friends and I were down the shore and short of money we would live on Nates hot dogs that were some... more
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