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What do you think?
Tue Jun 30, 2009 7:34pm

It seems like the site started around December,wait a minute,let me ask Anne how long she has been chasing off here.Yep December for me.What a trip down memory lane.Winter happy hours,spring reunions,summer dbq.But if I may suggest to top off the summer,the 1st annual Darbarian Boomer softball game.The only logical side,Gals against the Guys.Eddie Floyd start warming up.Uh oh,is that one of the finest woman,I mean finest soft ball players in the history of Darby Sports,Colleen the Boomer Crane coming out of retirement for this one.The only logical spot I can think of is the Moose,I haven,t been there in years can someone tell me if it is OK.Does anybody want to start the trash talking?OK I will.girls how many bases do you have to touch to score a run..

    • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Tue Jul 21 7:08am
      Play Ball !!!
      • re. What do you think?Jack Rhodes, Tue Jul 21 7:41am
        Amen Brother Bradley! My Harley arrives on Friday, so I'd like to get a few spins on it, before the game (not sure if I'll survive, the game that is), and then I say, "Bring it on!!!"
        • new bikegary.molineux, Thu Jul 23 8:48am
          Jack, Good luck & enjoy....keep the shiny side up...!!!! For some reason motorcycles become invisible to the 4-wheeled public regardless of size or loudness.
          • New bikeJack Rhodes, Thu Jul 23 9:01am
            Thanks Gary. Dropping it or being knocked off it are things I've got in my head. All the "old heads" I talk to tell me that one, the other and or both are inevitable, but I'm gonna do my best to stay ... more
    • Impostersjack_corcoran, Fri Jul 17 9:37pm
      • Smackdown Darby Style - correct linkPaula Evans Brown, Sat Jul 18 7:03pm
        Sorry JC, gave you the link to watch it through FaceBook...here is the Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f3U7ksoy3s
      • Re: Impostersmaria bellano scandle, Sat Jul 18 8:16am
        Virtual reality? Your make-believe men's team is virtual reality. So far the only one who talks about playing for the men is Jack R, and he doesn't seem to know where his cleats go.
        • Re: Impostersfindingnino117, Wed Jul 22 12:31am
          Maria if your the same maria i rember you,you used to sit behind me in BVM?.............Anthony Spano
          • Re: Impostersmaria bellano scandle, Wed Jul 22 7:04am
            Hi, Anthony No, that couldn't be me....sorry to say.....I think I'm just a little bit older than you. I graduated BVM in 1966.
        • CLEATS!!!!Jack Rhodes, Sat Jul 18 7:23pm
          Oh yea damsel soon distressed, Shins exposed are targets royal. Tis there they'll be planted, for my brothers loyal... THE AGONY OF DA FEET!
          • Re: CLEATS!!!!maria bellano scandle, Sat Jul 18 9:15pm
            You wouldn't be wantin' to play dirty now, would ye.... HA! Kick a girl in the shins? Oh, Mr. Rhodes what has become of you? Quick, break away from that bad influence, namely one Mr.Jack Corcoran,... more
            • CleatsJack Rhodes, Sat Jul 18 9:40pm
              I'm just leaving the grandsons second baseball game in lambertville, but if I don't drop immediately into neverland when we get home, I'll see what I can do.
      • Imposters...HA!Barbara Boesenhofer, Sat Jul 18 1:50am
        Well Jack C.....how are you???? and here I thought you were the one who was soft, since I didn't get a response from your last post, also in all caps!!!! Which, I might add ,I find very funny!!!! Now ... more
        • BABSjack_corcoran, Sat Jul 18 7:50am
          • HA! 2 DOWNBarbara Boesenhofer, Sat Jul 18 8:49am
            TO MY FRIEND JACK C. please see the post from Jack R to Jeanne that I have copied below....HA!!! 2nd one down!!! Chuck Weir and Jack R!!! OMG...I am sooooo loving this!!! SMACKDOWN.....DARBY GIRL... more
      • Re: Impostersdonna (costigan) wigmore, Fri Jul 17 9:48pm
        Uh, Jack? Do you realize your screaming? Deep breaths, palms up - ohmmmm, ohmmmm. Are you calm now? Here's a little ditty the Darby Damsels will be singing AFTER the game:... more
        • Re: Imposters - LMAO!Barbara Boesenhofer, Sat Jul 18 1:53am
          Good one, my friend!!! Jack C. just isn't getting this, is he?
        • DBB GIRLSjack_corcoran, Fri Jul 17 10:14pm
          • Smackdown Darby Style - PreviewPaula Evans Brown, Sat Jul 18 5:38pm
            Okay, Jackie C, now that I had to get out of the pool to answer this post, I am not a HAPPY CAMPER! I was relaxing in my little pool reading the posts on my Blackberry and when I came across all of... more
          • All talklorrainedeluca, Sat Jul 18 2:47am
            no action. I am READY to play ball.
            • Seeet Lorrainejack_corcoran, Sat Jul 18 8:06am
              Where did I here that one before?
    • Jacks are wild...Jack Rhodes, Fri Jul 17 5:47pm
      It's a little known fact, but in the day, Jack C, Jack B, played ball at UConn and I ripped up the basepaths at USF...plus we can DANCE! Check it out...very rare video...techno color even!... more
      • Jacks ARE wild!jeanne schell, Sat Jul 18 7:44am
        WOW!! Impressive, fancy footwork! Now, you do understand we will expect to see THIS talent as well during the game....
        • MICHAELjack_corcoran, Sat Jul 18 8:02am
          Hello Jeanne,I,m going to change gears here a little.It,s about Michael.A big sweet schoolmate back in the BVM days.Pertaining to a cloakroom incident,there were four of us one day in the cloakroom... more
          • Maichael---Jackjeanne schell, Sat Jul 18 11:12am
            LOL! I can so see that - he WAS a bear of a boy! I have a picture of me as a baby, Stephen (15 months older), Rosanne (9 years older) & Michael (12 years older). People have looked at that picture &... more
    • BTW...Girls....Jack Rhodes, Thu Jul 16 3:36pm
      Just remember.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWoD2sQ9LiU
      • BTW...jeanne schell, Sat Jul 18 7:47am
        Just remember what happens to BULLIES who try to act like all that / make others feel 'in some kind of way'.....
        • JeanneJack Rhodes, Sat Jul 18 8:39am
          Just acting out... or as Wild Willie Shakespeare said, ""All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players,..." "Frankly my dear Scarlett,..." I expect an ass whipping, but I'm too... more
          • Jack Rhodesjeanne schell, Sat Jul 18 11:15am
            yes, you boys always like to act out - ya never grow up! We appreciate your honesty for the outcome, BTW. Doesn't mean we'll go any easier on you, though... :)
            • Honesty...Jack Rhodes, Sat Jul 18 4:50pm
              My Unit in the Army had an unusual MOTTO: EXPECT THE WORST, NEVER QUIT! Don't expect us to QUIT...If you anticipate the worst case scenerio (losing to girls), and don't quit, your chances of of... more
              • Honesty..jeanne schell, Sat Jul 18 6:56pm
                JACK!! I'd never expect you to quit! I'm thinking you'll all pray for RAIN instead....
      • BTW...Girls....Barbara Boesenhofer, Thu Jul 16 9:19pm
        That was funny Jack R! and yes you "girls" should remember..... Ha!
    • Video Alert!!! All Sharks shown are named Jack!!!Jack Rhodes, Thu Jul 16 12:31pm
      The Three Jacks Present: BEWARE OF JACKS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb8t3Lt8iJw
    • off the topicfindingnino117, Sat Jul 11 7:55pm
      Jackie Corcoran,did your grand mother live next to me @ top of hill on lawrence?
      • CASSY AND TONYjack_corcoran, Sat Jul 11 10:37pm
      • Re: off the topicjack_corcoran, Sat Jul 11 10:04pm
        • Re: off the topicfindingnino117, Sun Jul 12 1:53pm
          Yes Jack its me Tony/Cookie
          • TONYjack_corcoran, Sun Jul 12 2:55pm
            • Re: TONYfindingnino117, Sun Jul 12 2:58pm
              Just did from old post.We got pics of youout front u had to be 16........Tony
              • picturesjack_corcoran, Sun Jul 12 4:56pm
                Tony,how much money do want for those pictures?If they fall into the wrong hands,I,m dogmeat.Ten thousand,20 thousand,name it.
                • Re: picturesfindingnino117, Sun Jul 12 5:01pm
                  LOL you Just help mee find them...I have 1s from wildwood wiht J SUCHKER amongest others
                  • Mr. SSSJoey Shuker, Tue Jul 14 2:24pm
                    Mr.S !! How are you brother ?? email me at joeshuker@comcast.net or give me a call 610-804-6462...need to catch up brother...if you can try to do it before friday ( going up the mountains with 22... more
                  • Re: picturesBarbara Boesenhofer, Sun Jul 12 7:23pm
                    Tony, I will help you find those pictures....who needs Jack C!! I bet those pictures are great and we all would like to see them here in boomerland. That is what we do, share our memories and as... more
    • My daughters birthdayJack Rhodes, Mon Jul 6 4:19pm
      Is July 10th. We'll be parked at Citizens Bank behind the Phillies dugout, row 32, seats 11-16! I'll take pictures to prove I'm nor pinking out...lol. Have a blast folks!!! Get 'em guys!
      • Re: My daughters birthdaydonna (costigan) wigmore, Mon Jul 6 5:18pm
        Not so fast Jack. July 10th is just the Duke's gathering. The softball game date has yet to be decided!!! Now, even though I'll be routing for the Darby Damsels, our Jack C needs all the help he can... more
        • CoolJack Rhodes, Mon Jul 6 5:27pm
          That works for me Donna! Life is good again... ;-)
    • softballchuckweir, Mon Jul 6 3:17pm
      This is no longer about baseball its now a battles of sexes
      • softball and sex?maria bellano scandle, Mon Jul 6 4:02pm
        Isn't it always, Chuck? No matter, we are having some great laughs over this one. Better than the political ravings and anonymous insults we've had to endure lately. Give me a good old battle of the... more
        • Re: softball and sex?srjdiemer50, Mon Jul 6 9:00pm
          So true Maria , Good laughs and good times ...
          • Cathy~good timesmaria bellano scandle, Mon Jul 6 9:12pm
            Yes, I agree! Good laughs for everyone. I missed the way it was on here. I'm glad some of the fun is back. I'll see you Friday night at Duke's! More good laughs and good times.
            • Re: Cathy~good timessrjdiemer50, Mon Jul 6 9:23pm
              See you at Dukes Maria ..and we will have more good times ...Glad it is back too ..That was a long haul there ... Let the good times roll ...
        • mariechuckweir, Mon Jul 6 5:49pm
          Jackie did a nice job of changing the matter go guys
        • Re: softball and sex?Rich C, Mon Jul 6 4:28pm
          Softball challenge and Battle of the Sexes? I just have one thing to say....When it comes to Balls and Bats the guys are better equiped. :-o
          • Oh no you DIDN'T!maria bellano scandle, Mon Jul 6 4:51pm
            You are sooooooooooo bad, Rich! But being better equipped doesn't always mean you'll play better, does it? You must know how to USE THE EQUIPMENT properly. OK, now I'm digressing into another subject ... more
    • lineupjack_corcoran, Sat Jul 4 6:29pm
      OK girls we have our lineup.Playing out field,Joe [The Hammer Shucker]playing infield and pitching Bob[Chico Fernandez Tate] that,s all we need girls.Oh yea ,this one is for Babs [NANNY]B.So we don,t ... more
      • lineupBarbara Boesenhofer, Sun Jul 5 1:04am
        I will not even dignify this with an answer...Please! LMAO!
        • Barb B.Rich C, Sun Jul 5 12:44pm
          On the flickr pics you have a photo of your cousin Bobby Syms. Is his dad also a Robert? I used to work with a Bobby Syms who was a letter carrier at the Clifton Hgts. Post Office and used to live on ... more
          • Barb B./Bob SymsBarbara Boesenhofer, Sun Jul 5 12:57pm
            Hi Rich, Yes, his dad is also Robert. Uncle Bob was once married to my mom's sister. He is now living in Florida, and comes up once or twice a year to visit my cousin and his family. He is doing well ... more
            • BObby SymsJoan B, Sun Dec 16 12:31pm
              I am going through my Mothers Photo albums and I found pictures of Bobby Syms '1958' he is a kid on a tricycle. Also pictures of Susan Syms who is an infant in 1958. Are these the Syms you know? I... more
              • Bobby SymsRich C, Mon Dec 17 8:14am
                I know he lived on Darby Terrace.
            • BarbRich C, Sun Jul 5 2:27pm
              Cool....I met his wife,your moms sister. He used to talk about her at work a lot and what a great job she had. I was surprised when they got a divorce. I worked right next to Bob for years when we... more
              • Rich CBarbara Boesenhofer, Sun Jul 5 6:09pm
                Small world, isn't Rich?
        • Are you kiddingjack_corcoran, Sun Jul 5 7:56am
          Come on Barb,really,but the front page of the Daily Times.
      • it,s overjack_corcoran, Sat Jul 4 7:10pm
        OK girls,this skinny 61 year old just got done his Saturday after noon 10 miler,running to the beat of"Another one Bites the Dust,and The party,s Over.And it is,or as Leslie Gore once said,It,s My... more
        • Losermaria bellano scandle, Sun Jul 5 8:39am
          Yeah? Oldies for the oldie. huh? You know, listening to that loser music gives you a loser mentality! Get used to it, Jackie boy. You also should have been listening to "Mama Told Me Not To Come",... more
          • Cause girlslorrainedeluca, Sun Jul 5 10:03am
            just wanna' have fun...
            • Re: Cause girlssrjdiemer50, Sun Jul 5 12:55pm
              And that we will Lorraine ..
          • Re: Loserdonna (costigan) wigmore, Sun Jul 5 9:02am
            Good one Maria. Our Jack will be singing: Oh woman, oh woman don't treat me so mean, Your the fastest team of women that I ever have seen, I guess if you say so, I'll have to pack my things and go.... more
            • Re: Losersrjdiemer50, Sun Jul 5 12:46pm
              Lmao ! Good one Donna ...
            • carefuljack_corcoran, Sun Jul 5 9:16am
              Wiggles,you are sweating too much with all of this activity on the keyboard.Gatorade asap.Even singing can exhaust you.You still have the rest of the day.Pace yourself.And as we speak,Chuck Weir is... more
              • Re: carefulmaria bellano scandle, Sun Jul 5 10:13am
                The song you are singing here is SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER! I'd run and hide for the rest of the summer, too, if I were in your sneakers.
            • Re: Losermaria bellano scandle, Sun Jul 5 9:06am
              I'll be singing that chorus with you, Donna! I'm practicing right now so we can be in good voice come Friday night. Jack is soooooooooooo done!
          • workoutjack_corcoran, Sun Jul 5 8:47am
            How did you survive that killer workout?One push up.one pull up,one sit up.Oh yea,as my old buddy George Thourogood would say"one whiskey,one bourbon,one rye.
            • jack corcoran/workoutphillygirl27, Wed Jul 8 9:32pm
              hey clark - i've been busy working overtime and haven't been on the boards lately so i have a lot of catching up to do. i hope everyone will be at duke's this friday so i can get back into the loop!... more
              • Photoskrit2577171, Thu Jul 9 12:12pm
                HI, where is Duke's at again? ON MacDade Blvd is it past the Belvadere going away from Darby? I have these photos that I've been trying to lend to someone for your archives. I can not stay.
                • Re: Photosmaria bellano scandle, Thu Jul 9 12:22pm
                  Duke's is in Springfield..144 Saxer Ave (610) 543-9601. It's off of Baltimore Pike. There's a Swiss Farms on the corner of Baltimore and Saxer.
              • Chrissyjack_corcoran, Thu Jul 9 7:56am
                That,s not like Chissy,I think it,s more fear than any thing else,when she heard the name[Ham Bone]that did it.Another one bites the dust.
            • Re: workoutmaria bellano scandle, Sun Jul 5 8:52am
              No, I used kettle bells. Do you even know what they are? NO GOOGLING!!
              • kettlejack_corcoran, Sun Jul 5 9:09am
                Something you brew your tea in.Then you pour it in your cup for your arm workout.
                • kettle BELL!maria bellano scandle, Sun Jul 5 9:28am
                  HA HA!!!! Not even close. It's a cast iron (round) weight with a handle. Great for core work. Makes you strong! Stick to running, Jack. Run all week long to get in the best shape you can. Then maybe... more
                  • Maria-Kettle bellslorrainedeluca, Sun Jul 5 10:04am
                    Maria, I have a friend (he is very buff lol) who does teaching bells instruction. Keeps trying to recruit me. Maybe I'll try ot now that you've told me this.
        • it,s overBarbara Boesenhofer, Sun Jul 5 1:06am
          You're showing your age with that music my Darbarian brother!
          • 60sjack_corcoran, Sun Jul 5 7:28am
            OK you did it.And now the BIG GUNS.The Boys Are Back In Town,You called my hand.Pitching for the Old Head,MAYDAY RAY FITZGERALD.14th st.Finest.Not to take anything away from Chrissy V.Flying in from... more
            • OLD guns, you mean....maria bellano scandle, Sun Jul 5 8:46am
              Oh, we're all shaking in our cute little shoes. Hey, Jack, how old does that make your team? Need a walker to get to first base? I'll take Chrissy V any day over your so-called big guns! By the way,... more
    • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Thu Jul 2 7:20pm
      How about "FOUL BALLS" who's call?....
      • What do you think?Barbara Boesenhofer, Thu Jul 2 10:27pm
        LMAO....Jack C. will be holding his own after this game! ;)
        • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Fri Jul 3 6:45am
          HE'S HUNG.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opvBzRxIIP0 take me out to the ballgame....
          • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Fri Jul 3 10:02am
            ok folks here it is..report on field conditions at our "Field of dreams "the MOOSE....old beautiful baseball diamond behind borough hall and police station...sad news...GONE....Darby HS football... more
            • Re: What do you think?Jack Rhodes, Fri Jul 3 8:16pm
              Sorry the fields gone, but no girl ever took me out! Find a field!!!
              • What do you think?Barbara Boesenhofer, Sat Jul 4 8:27am
                There is a first time for everything, Jack R.....and a new Harley too! Wow this could, for sure, turn out to be some year for you!! It's ok...you would still be able to hold your head up high, while... more
                • Re: What do you think?Jack Rhodes, Sat Jul 4 9:12am
                  What's life without a few new experiences here and there....finding them isn't always EASY...LOL
            • Re: What do you think?Jack Rhodes, Fri Jul 3 8:07pm
              Thanks for the flashback!!! Bob took me out over the trees and onto a rooftop. Jim Carney was playing CF, and just turned his head a watched. Never took a step!!! I never threw Bob another strike..... more
          • WrongJack Rhodes, Fri Jul 3 9:38am
            His name is.... "Willie" Hung...ouch!
        • Re: What do you think?srjdiemer50, Thu Jul 2 10:36pm
          Lamo !! He will .. Jack C don't use any bengay before the game ...
      • umpirejack_corcoran, Thu Jul 2 9:03pm
        Special celebrity umpire coming out of retirement,the one and only Charlie Carpenter.
        • Re: umpiresrjdiemer50, Thu Jul 2 9:21pm
          How is he doing ? i have not seen him in years ... Does he still live around here ?? Round up the guys and get this game going .lol
          • Charliejack_corcoran, Fri Jul 3 8:36am
            He doing OK in Upper Darby,retired,For a couple of bucks he might help you win the game.Cathy Schmidt,Patty Cash.SOS,need help
    • jack cchuckweir, Thu Jul 2 10:42am
      Give me a date i,ll come coach the ladies
      • Chuck Weir/CoachBarbara Boesenhofer, Thu Jul 2 7:00pm
        Thank you for your kind offer Chuck Weir, but we don't need you to coach us. I am sure the boys would love to have you for their coach though. Our friend Jack C may need your help getting a foot out... more
        • coachjack_corcoran, Thu Jul 2 8:59pm
          Of course you don,t need a coach,you don,t have a team
          • coachBarbara Boesenhofer, Thu Jul 2 10:31pm
            Ha!...I never said we didn't need a coach...just that we didn't need Chuck (one of your boys) Weir as our coach!
            • barbarachuckweir, Thu Jul 2 10:55pm
              I resent that accusation I just wanted to be with the girls.
              • barbara/ChuckBarbara Boesenhofer, Fri Jul 3 5:17am
                Oh..well... coaching Jack C.'s team will be just like being with the girls, Chuck. I'm just sayin'!
                • Barb~Jack C!!maria bellano scandle, Fri Jul 3 11:19am
                  I am really, LITERALLY, laughing my ass off!!! Barb, you are too funny. Jack is just a little too cocky nowadays, isn't he? His running-induced endorphin high (as well as the other kind) have him... more
                  • Barb~Jack C!!~MariaBarbara Boesenhofer, Fri Jul 3 4:12pm
                    Maria, he is just plain crazy...totally lost his mind!! Yes I am coming to Dukes just to bye Jack a drink before we kick his ass!!!!
                  • WMDSjack_corcoran, Fri Jul 3 11:28am
                • Re: barbara/Chuckdonna (costigan) wigmore, Fri Jul 3 10:36am
                  ROTFLMAO. Great answer Barb! You go girl.
                • softballchuckweir, Fri Jul 3 7:12am
                  J.C. if all the darby girls are as tough as Barbara B.I think i,l stay in florida i,m too old for this ____.Chuck
                  • Chuckjack_corcoran, Fri Jul 3 9:19am
                    They are the toughest,prettiest,kindest,most giving people I have ever met.Like I said before ;Hey Bruce ,keep your Jersey Girls.That being said,not a snowballs chance in hell they win the game,let... more
                  • softball/Chuck WeirBarbara Boesenhofer, Fri Jul 3 7:34am
                    HA!! ONE DOWN!!!! LMAO!!!!
          • Re: coachsrjdiemer50, Thu Jul 2 9:24pm
            We will get one ... come on girls ...i know for a fact there are a few cookie softball players on this site ... Where are you ...lets kick there butts ...
        • Re: Chuck Weir/Coachsrjdiemer50, Thu Jul 2 7:13pm
          LMAO !!! Look out Jack C .. This i have to see ... We are Darby girls your playing with my friend ... Girls we can do better than teeball ... don't you think ....lol Cathy
          • darby girljack_corcoran, Thu Jul 2 9:00pm
            You may have to use The Jet.
            • Re: darby girlsrjdiemer50, Thu Jul 2 9:27pm
              Jet can round up some old timers too ...
              • darby girl/JetBarbara Boesenhofer, Fri Jul 3 6:48am
                Cathy, is Jack saying that Jet is a girl??? Damn...he is just trying to drag everyone down this alley, isn't he??? I don't know Jet...you just may want to join the winning team, we don't mind! By the ... more
                • Re: darby girl/Jetsrjdiemer50, Fri Jul 3 9:55am
                  Barb , I think he is ...Penn Pines Park it is ... Look out Jack C ..Jet is getting his gear ready now ..lol ... Nurse Donna has her station all set up .. air conditioned tent with oxygen ...
    • Re: What do you think?donna (costigan) wigmore, Thu Jul 2 9:39am
      Ok. Firstly, I love, love, love all of you. But, I don't know the first freaking thing about softball other than it's a ball and it's soft. Ok. I will gladly be your water girl, if that involves... more
    • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Thu Jul 2 8:02am
      Hi Im off to the "MOOSE" this morning to check things out .Full report on field conditions later today...jb
      • Re: What do you think?srjdiemer50, Thu Jul 2 7:46pm
        If the moose is not in good shape ...We can do penn pines feild ... lol !! Are we can just go to Dukes and just pretend that we all played softball and the jump ... What do you say water girls and... more
        • Cathyjack_corcoran, Thu Jul 2 9:05pm
          Not the Darby girl I knew,never backed down,of course no Cookies to run to.
          • Re: Cathysrjdiemer50, Thu Jul 2 9:19pm
            Awww Jack c , Back down .....Who me ... Bring it on then ...lol ..After the game we will go to Dukes ... Do miss the cookie days after the softball games ... Good old days ..The Jet still has his... more
    • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Wed Jul 1 8:35am
      Yeah right....i was disqualified from the "falls jump" for using dr scholls pads in my sneeks and having a "ball girl"..now your signing them up for this game...lol...jb
    • SoftballJack Rhodes, Wed Jul 1 8:34am
      Ok...here's the deal: two yrs ago while coaching a basketball practice, I had a kid (assigned after a year I'm reform school) who threw a bobyblock at my ankles, while I was back peddling on a... more
    • Re: What do you think?donna (costigan) wigmore, Wed Jul 1 2:50am
      This is it. You've finally turned the corner. I think the combination of wine and weed leads to whacko. Have you all gone and lost your minds? I will volunteer to do anything that does not require... more
      • donna - re: what do you think?jeanne schell, Thu Jul 2 6:28pm
        Donna-- I sooooo agree with you! Perhaps we could be the 'official photographers' or how about the one who changes the score board? Or, we could write the article after the game - that could be done... more
        • Donnajack_corcoran, Thu Jul 2 9:07pm
          Donna can,t help,she can,t even drive that far.Looks like curtains for my once proud Darby Girls
          • Re: Donnadonna (costigan) wigmore, Fri Jul 3 7:57am
            Oh no you didn't! You must have gone and lost your mind. Right in front of all of Boomerland. You did not dis not just me, but several of the Darby girls?!? Did you? You may as well give your soul to ... more
            • Re: Donna/Jack C.Barbara Boesenhofer, Fri Jul 3 10:58am
              Donna, I think our friend has lost his mind!!! He really needs our love and understanding right now! He has actually suggested that WE might want to cancel the game...do you think he is running a... more
              • Re: Donna/Jack C.srjdiemer50, Fri Jul 3 11:49am
                Jack C ..Really we understand ...It's ok ... Who loves ya Jack !! Lorraine can take the stream off amd we will never bring it back up ... Really it's ok .... Have a good one ..
              • Re: Donna/Jack C.donna (costigan) wigmore, Fri Jul 3 11:17am
                Hey Barb, As far as our homeboy Jack is concerned - This whole thing is going to give a whole new meaning to sore loser. He will need his buddy Ben Gay by the case. Not so much for the sore body, we... more
                • Wigglesjack_corcoran, Fri Jul 3 11:52am
                  Is a round tripper a ride from your house to Dukes and back or a home run?This is a tough one,no google and no calling up Barb.Sure.
                  • round tripperLinda B, Sat Jul 4 1:22am
                    Home run!!!!!!!
                  • Wiggles/RoundtripperBarbara Boesenhofer, Fri Jul 3 4:05pm
                    Google...PLEEEASE!!!! Oh nice Jack, go to the one you know can't answer that question. Donna, I think he has already started back peddling with that question to you and not me, or anyone else that he ... more
                  • Re: Wigglesdonna (costigan) wigmore, Fri Jul 3 12:01pm
                    Hahaha. I thought it was a train ticket. LOL. I admit I haven't got the first clue. But do not ask these things of me, I beg kind sir. Ask Maria or Barbara or Lorraine, they'll know. Oh, they'll know ... more
            • Wigsjack_corcoran, Fri Jul 3 10:28am
              Hey Wigs,in case you didn,t know and I,m sure you didn,t a bat is something you hit a ball with,not something that hangs upside down on a tree.
              • Re: Wigsdonna (costigan) wigmore, Fri Jul 3 10:41am
                Say slowly and deliberately. Ha. Ha. Ha. Everybody's a comedian. But, we'll just see who's laughing after the game. Laugh while ye can Jackie, me boy. The tears and the pain will come soon enough. Oh ... more
                • Re: Wigsmaria bellano scandle, Sat Jul 4 8:46am
                  And lots of Ben Gay, we know how much Jack likes that!!
      • Wigsjack_corcoran, Wed Jul 1 7:19am
        Try cheerleading from a stting position and plenty of arid 5 day deodorant pad.If that don,t do it,water girl
    • Re: What do you think?lorrainedeluca, Tue Jun 30 10:42pm
      I'm in. Haven't played since I'm half blind but I played like I was half blind in my youth. So, it might even out now...
    • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Tue Jun 30 8:10pm
      Im an oldhead cant run very well does it count if I only get to second base ?
      • What do you think?Barbara Boesenhofer, Tue Jun 30 10:12pm
        At some point in your life it did Jack Brad!!! LOL...
    • What do you think?Barbara Boesenhofer, Tue Jun 30 8:01pm
      Oh no you didn't!!! LOL...are you serious Jack C???? You have to touch 4 bases!!!! 1st, 2nd, third then home plate!!!! HA! You so under estimate your Darbarian sisters....I'm just sayin'....
      • Home Plate?krit2577171, Wed Jul 1 10:56am
        Hum? Is Home Plate a base? You can steal all of the "bases" which includes home. I guess you can. Isn't more fun to steal home? HUM?!
      • Barbjack_corcoran, Tue Jun 30 8:49pm
        This a tough one For Barb,Rita B,Donna Wigs and Maria.If you throw the ball with your right hand what hnad do you put you glove on?Don,t google.
        • Re: Barbmaria bellano scandle, Wed Jul 1 7:55am
          The hand you CATCH with, Jack! You don't need the glove to THROW the ball. Jeez, I can't believe you even asked that. I'm glad you're playing on the men's team!!!
          • WMDSjack_corcoran, Wed Jul 1 8:16am
            • T-ball my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!maria bellano scandle, Wed Jul 1 8:25am
              I never worry about getting hurt, Jack. My WMDs will protect me from harm. But you, my friend, are crossing the line with this one. Smart ass, are ya? Want to take it outside?
              • wmdsjack_corcoran, Wed Jul 1 9:03am
                No not with you MB,I saw your biceps,care to slow dance honey?
                • Re: wmdsmaria bellano scandle, Wed Jul 1 9:38am
                  That's better.....
        • OMGBarbara Boesenhofer, Tue Jun 30 9:30pm
          If you throw with your right hand you catch with your left...the glove goes on your left hand Jack C!!! Google...please!
          • NANAjack_corcoran, Wed Jul 1 7:21am
            • NANABarbara Boesenhofer, Wed Jul 1 7:06pm
              LMAO...well that is just way too funny!! The difference between us girls and you boys is that we get our AGE limitations!!!! Watching you grandpops play will be just like watching a T Ball game!!! I... more
              • Nannajack_corcoran, Wed Jul 1 7:39pm
                Good trash talkin BB.You may be right.But so far all you have is Lorraine to play,sorry you need 9.You may have to use Ski.Looks like a forfeit.
                • NannaBarbara Boesenhofer, Thu Jul 2 6:57pm
                  LMAO....oh no you didn't count us out already Jack C!!! It's ok...I will help you take that foot out of your mouth after the game....I'm just sayin'.... p.s. I don't think we will need to use... more
                  • Barbara..we'll winlorrainedeluca, Thu Jul 2 10:47pm
                    Listen Babs. You know I am sooo competitive. I'll bring a couple ringers. Don't worry about it. We are in and we will win.
    • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Tue Jun 30 7:53pm
      JC...I'll recon the moose in the next day or two if u like....jb
    • Re: What do you think?srjdiemer50, Tue Jun 30 7:47pm
      Jack , there where many boomers that where at the Darbycue that played for cookies ... I am sure Colleen would be up for a game ... Sounds good .. I never played softball ..so that leaves me out... more
      • What do you think?Barbara Boesenhofer, Tue Jun 30 9:33pm
        Cathy, you can be one of the ball girls!! lol
        • Re: What do you think?srjdiemer50, Tue Jun 30 9:59pm
          Barb , That i can do ..be a ball girl and water girl ..lol
        • Re: What do you think?srjdiemer50, Tue Jun 30 9:55pm
          Barb , That i can do ..ball girls and water girls .. lol!
          • What do you think?Barbara Boesenhofer, Wed Jul 1 12:11am
            Ha! Is this Jet talking? My mother always said you have to watch out for the quite ones!
            • Re: What do you think?srjdiemer50, Wed Jul 1 4:27pm
              Barb , He was laughing when i read this post to him ... He knows i do not know nothing about softball ..He did say you can be the water girl ... lol . Timmy , Colleen and Mary where the sport players ... more
              • What do you think?Barbara Boesenhofer, Wed Jul 1 6:49pm
                I don't either Cath! I know the game, there is no way that I couldn't with 3 brothers, my dad and my sons, BUT play...never happen! There is not one ounce of athletic ability in my body!!!
            • Re: What do you think?srjdiemer50, Wed Jul 1 6:43am
              quite one ... lol !. Who my Jet ... i posted 2 times ... thought 1 first didn't take ...repeat ...lol
              • Cathy, Too FunnyBarbara Boesenhofer, Wed Jul 1 6:43pm
                I am laughing so hard Cath!!! Did you see what you posted the first time..."I can do bat girls and water girls! Oh God that is funny!
                • Re: Cathy, Too Funnysrjdiemer50, Wed Jul 1 8:31pm
                  Wtf !! Too funny .. I don't know what to say here ..Should i blame it on the PVD that i have in my eye balls ...Lmao !! are is it that my Dad sits here up my tail asking me a hundred questions ....... more
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