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Barbara Boesenhofer
Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:30pm

If you throw with your right hand you catch with your left...the glove goes on your left hand Jack C!!! Google...please!

  • Barbjack_corcoran, Tue Jun 30 8:49pm
    This a tough one For Barb,Rita B,Donna Wigs and Maria.If you throw the ball with your right hand what hnad do you put you glove on?Don,t google.
    • Re: Barbmaria bellano scandle, Wed Jul 1 7:55am
      The hand you CATCH with, Jack! You don't need the glove to THROW the ball. Jeez, I can't believe you even asked that. I'm glad you're playing on the men's team!!!
      • WMDSjack_corcoran, Wed Jul 1 8:16am
        • T-ball my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!maria bellano scandle, Wed Jul 1 8:25am
          I never worry about getting hurt, Jack. My WMDs will protect me from harm. But you, my friend, are crossing the line with this one. Smart ass, are ya? Want to take it outside?
          • wmdsjack_corcoran, Wed Jul 1 9:03am
            No not with you MB,I saw your biceps,care to slow dance honey?
            • Re: wmdsmaria bellano scandle, Wed Jul 1 9:38am
              That's better.....
    • OMG — Barbara Boesenhofer, Tue Jun 30 9:30pm
      • NANAjack_corcoran, Wed Jul 1 7:21am
        • NANABarbara Boesenhofer, Wed Jul 1 7:06pm
          LMAO...well that is just way too funny!! The difference between us girls and you boys is that we get our AGE limitations!!!! Watching you grandpops play will be just like watching a T Ball game!!! I... more
          • Nannajack_corcoran, Wed Jul 1 7:39pm
            Good trash talkin BB.You may be right.But so far all you have is Lorraine to play,sorry you need 9.You may have to use Ski.Looks like a forfeit.
            • NannaBarbara Boesenhofer, Thu Jul 2 6:57pm
              LMAO....oh no you didn't count us out already Jack C!!! It's ok...I will help you take that foot out of your mouth after the game....I'm just sayin'.... p.s. I don't think we will need to use... more
              • Barbara..we'll winlorrainedeluca, Thu Jul 2 10:47pm
                Listen Babs. You know I am sooo competitive. I'll bring a couple ringers. Don't worry about it. We are in and we will win.
                • Rain needs ringersCathyLynne, Fri Jul 10 11:09pm
                  I am available to be a ringer. You know how good I am at sports!! I will even make sure everyone's hair looks cute with their cap!
                  • Our Uniformslorrainedeluca, Sun Jul 12 9:42pm
                    And Cathy Lynne, I know how well you do uniforms, I don't forget how great your boys always looked. So, you are in charge of them. SOmething modest please.
                  • CathyLynne!maria bellano scandle, Sat Jul 11 7:23am
                    Hi, CathyLynne Where have you BEEN? I haven't seen you on the message board in Boomerland in ages. Hope all is well with you and the rest of the family. We missed you at the reunion!
                • I'm in too Lorraine..Paula Evans Brown, Fri Jul 3 10:30am
                  Babs and Lola, you know competitiveness is a trait that all of us "BVM Class of 74" boomers have....so count me in too! And if we sell stuff at the event? Jeanne McKellar will surely beat us... more
                  • Paulajeanne schell, Sat Jul 4 8:25am
                    All right girls, I'll do as much as I can - but remember, I just had back surgery - so maybe I'm best suited to be the foul mouthed in-the-ump's-face person. I am better suited to run / work in the... more
                  • PAULAjack_corcoran, Fri Jul 3 5:36pm
                    With all due respect your honor and former neighbor,have you looked at the calender lately,2009 not 1974,You know and I know your only hope is to track down our former neighbor from Highland... more
                    • RE: Paulajeanne schell, Sat Jul 11 3:27pm
                      Jack-- Sorry; I just found this today as I was roaming thru the boards. Yes, Michael is the eldest of the McKellar offspring. However, as he divorced himself from the family over 10 years ago,... more
                    • Jack C - TC Holden Paula Evans Brown, Fri Jul 3 5:56pm
                      Well, Jack, yes you brought me back down to earth....but I have to say, I used to be able to run pretty quick back in the day...just put a Darby cop on my tail and I can zip in no time! LOL I will... more
                • ringersjack_corcoran, Fri Jul 3 9:54am
                  Hey Lorraine ringers refers to horseshoes,this is called softball,Hey Barb tell lorraine to bring a bat and a glove,there is no hoseshoe pit.Maybe we should call the whole thing off.How about a real... more
                  • Jack--lorrainedeluca, Fri Jul 3 5:51pm
                    From Merriam-Webster:RINGER: (1): one that enters a competition under false representations So, if we bring in Cate Osterman and Taylor Willis, two relatives of fellow Darbarians, they would be... more
                    • Did someone say RINGERJoey Shuker, Sat Jul 4 11:03am
                      Did someone say RINGER ??? Ok enough of this talk of DIZZY BROADS beating any Darbyboys ass in softball PLEASE !!! I'm in so GAME OVER ! Remember girls there's "no crying in baseball " !!! Play Ball... more
                    • Lorrainejack_corcoran, Fri Jul 3 6:16pm
                      My Sweet Lorainne,as long as you have Mr.Webster out look up the following:outrun,outscore,outjump,romp,no contest,and UNCLE,and I don,t mean Uncle Syl.Although I must say since naming my putter THE... more
                  • Re: ringerssrjdiemer50, Fri Jul 3 10:02am
                    Oh my God ... Lol !! Jack C you are really on a roll here .. Too funny ..... I can see all of us playing checkers in the park ...... Lmao !!!
                • Barbara..we'll winBarbara Boesenhofer, Fri Jul 3 6:34am
                  You are so my girl!!! Can you believe this bull that Jack C. is spewing???? Ha!!
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