Darby Borough Boomers
Barbara Boesenhofer
Cathy, Too Funny
Wed Jul 1, 2009 6:43pm

I am laughing so hard Cath!!! Did you see what you posted the first time..."I can do bat girls and water girls! Oh God that is funny!

  • Re: What do you think?srjdiemer50, Wed Jul 1 6:43am
    quite one ... lol !. Who my Jet ... i posted 2 times ... thought 1 first didn't take ...repeat ...lol
    • Cathy, Too Funny — Barbara Boesenhofer, Wed Jul 1 6:43pm
      • Re: Cathy, Too Funnysrjdiemer50, Wed Jul 1 8:31pm
        Wtf !! Too funny .. I don't know what to say here ..Should i blame it on the PVD that i have in my eye balls ...Lmao !! are is it that my Dad sits here up my tail asking me a hundred questions ....... more
        • Cathy, Too FunnyBarbara Boesenhofer, Wed Jul 1 8:52pm
          Should have just left it with Jet!!! LMAO!!!
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