Darby Borough Boomers
Re: What do you think?
Thu Jul 2, 2009 7:46pm

If the moose is not in good shape ...We can do penn pines feild ... lol !! Are we can just go to Dukes and just pretend that we all played softball and the jump ... What do you say water girls and cheerleaders ... lol !! Dee i know your up for it ..I'm in ..

  • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Thu Jul 2 8:02am
    Hi Im off to the "MOOSE" this morning to check things out .Full report on field conditions later today...jb
    • Re: What do you think? — srjdiemer50, Thu Jul 2 7:46pm
      • Cathyjack_corcoran, Thu Jul 2 9:05pm
        Not the Darby girl I knew,never backed down,of course no Cookies to run to.
        • Re: Cathysrjdiemer50, Thu Jul 2 9:19pm
          Awww Jack c , Back down .....Who me ... Bring it on then ...lol ..After the game we will go to Dukes ... Do miss the cookie days after the softball games ... Good old days ..The Jet still has his... more
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