Darby Borough Boomers
Re: coach
Thu Jul 2, 2009 9:24pm

We will get one ... come on girls ...i know for a fact there are a few cookie softball players on this site ... Where are you ...lets kick there butts ...

  • coachjack_corcoran, Thu Jul 2 8:59pm
    Of course you don,t need a coach,you don,t have a team
    • coachBarbara Boesenhofer, Thu Jul 2 10:31pm
      Ha!...I never said we didn't need a coach...just that we didn't need Chuck (one of your boys) Weir as our coach!
      • barbarachuckweir, Thu Jul 2 10:55pm
        I resent that accusation I just wanted to be with the girls.
        • barbara/ChuckBarbara Boesenhofer, Fri Jul 3 5:17am
          Oh..well... coaching Jack C.'s team will be just like being with the girls, Chuck. I'm just sayin'!
          • Barb~Jack C!!maria bellano scandle, Fri Jul 3 11:19am
            I am really, LITERALLY, laughing my ass off!!! Barb, you are too funny. Jack is just a little too cocky nowadays, isn't he? His running-induced endorphin high (as well as the other kind) have him... more
            • Barb~Jack C!!~MariaBarbara Boesenhofer, Fri Jul 3 4:12pm
              Maria, he is just plain crazy...totally lost his mind!! Yes I am coming to Dukes just to bye Jack a drink before we kick his ass!!!!
              • Re: Barb~Jack C!!~Mariamaria bellano scandle, Fri Jul 3 4:57pm
                We'll be kind and get him drunk first so he doesn't feel TOO much pain!
            • WMDSjack_corcoran, Fri Jul 3 11:28am
              • Re: WMDSmaria bellano scandle, Fri Jul 3 11:31am
                I don't need no stinkin' glove!!! But bring yours along, girly man, and I'll show you where you can put it. I will be bringing you a little somethin' on the 10th, though, you better believe it. WMDS... more
          • Re: barbara/Chuckdonna (costigan) wigmore, Fri Jul 3 10:36am
            ROTFLMAO. Great answer Barb! You go girl.
          • softballchuckweir, Fri Jul 3 7:12am
            J.C. if all the darby girls are as tough as Barbara B.I think i,l stay in florida i,m too old for this ____.Chuck
            • Chuckjack_corcoran, Fri Jul 3 9:19am
              They are the toughest,prettiest,kindest,most giving people I have ever met.Like I said before ;Hey Bruce ,keep your Jersey Girls.That being said,not a snowballs chance in hell they win the game,let... more
              • Re: Chuckdarbylar, Sun Jul 5 7:26pm
                hey jack..the diemer boy,s will be there..
                • Re: Chucksrjdiemer50, Mon Jul 6 9:09pm
                  And your sister-in-law and the girls are gone to kick all your butts there Larry and the rest of the Diemers ...Hear that Jack C .... Lmao !!!! And that goes for hubby Jet too ...
            • softball/Chuck WeirBarbara Boesenhofer, Fri Jul 3 7:34am
              HA!! ONE DOWN!!!! LMAO!!!!
    • Re: coach — srjdiemer50, Thu Jul 2 9:24pm
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