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Barbara Boesenhofer
What do you think?
Thu Jul 2, 2009 10:27pm

LMAO....Jack C. will be holding his own after this game! ;)

  • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Thu Jul 2 7:20pm
    How about "FOUL BALLS" who's call?....
    • What do you think? — Barbara Boesenhofer, Thu Jul 2 10:27pm
      • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Fri Jul 3 6:45am
        HE'S HUNG.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opvBzRxIIP0 take me out to the ballgame....
        • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Fri Jul 3 10:02am
          ok folks here it is..report on field conditions at our "Field of dreams "the MOOSE....old beautiful baseball diamond behind borough hall and police station...sad news...GONE....Darby HS football... more
          • Re: What do you think?Jack Rhodes, Fri Jul 3 8:16pm
            Sorry the fields gone, but no girl ever took me out! Find a field!!!
            • What do you think?Barbara Boesenhofer, Sat Jul 4 8:27am
              There is a first time for everything, Jack R.....and a new Harley too! Wow this could, for sure, turn out to be some year for you!! It's ok...you would still be able to hold your head up high, while... more
              • Re: What do you think?Jack Rhodes, Sat Jul 4 9:12am
                What's life without a few new experiences here and there....finding them isn't always EASY...LOL
          • Re: What do you think?Jack Rhodes, Fri Jul 3 8:07pm
            Thanks for the flashback!!! Bob took me out over the trees and onto a rooftop. Jim Carney was playing CF, and just turned his head a watched. Never took a step!!! I never threw Bob another strike..... more
        • WrongJack Rhodes, Fri Jul 3 9:38am
          His name is.... "Willie" Hung...ouch!
      • Re: What do you think?srjdiemer50, Thu Jul 2 10:36pm
        Lamo !! He will .. Jack C don't use any bengay before the game ...
    • umpirejack_corcoran, Thu Jul 2 9:03pm
      Special celebrity umpire coming out of retirement,the one and only Charlie Carpenter.
      • Re: umpiresrjdiemer50, Thu Jul 2 9:21pm
        How is he doing ? i have not seen him in years ... Does he still live around here ?? Round up the guys and get this game going .lol
        • Charliejack_corcoran, Fri Jul 3 8:36am
          He doing OK in Upper Darby,retired,For a couple of bucks he might help you win the game.Cathy Schmidt,Patty Cash.SOS,need help
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