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jack bradley
Re: What do you think?
Fri Jul 3, 2009 10:02am

ok folks here it is..report on field conditions at our "Field of dreams "the MOOSE....old beautiful baseball diamond behind borough hall and police station...sad news...GONE....Darby HS football field
goal posts and old scoreboard still there...the stands for the football games that would be filled to capacity for Darby games..sad news again...gone...the old white house on 7th st side ...more sad news gone....However there is some GOOD NEWS...they have built a very nice baseball diamond and field on the 7th and Fern side of the old MOOSE FIELD...very nice ..ps ..saw Bob Shannon hit one to the houses.
NOTE: had the pleasure as a kid to play on that old baseball field...always thought it was the best around.........like david bowie said ch ch ch changes... .c ya...jb

  • Re: What do you think?jack bradley, Fri Jul 3 6:45am
    HE'S HUNG.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opvBzRxIIP0 take me out to the ballgame....
    • Re: What do you think? — jack bradley, Fri Jul 3 10:02am
      • Re: What do you think?Jack Rhodes, Fri Jul 3 8:16pm
        Sorry the fields gone, but no girl ever took me out! Find a field!!!
        • What do you think?Barbara Boesenhofer, Sat Jul 4 8:27am
          There is a first time for everything, Jack R.....and a new Harley too! Wow this could, for sure, turn out to be some year for you!! It's ok...you would still be able to hold your head up high, while... more
          • Re: What do you think?Jack Rhodes, Sat Jul 4 9:12am
            What's life without a few new experiences here and there....finding them isn't always EASY...LOL
      • Re: What do you think?Jack Rhodes, Fri Jul 3 8:07pm
        Thanks for the flashback!!! Bob took me out over the trees and onto a rooftop. Jim Carney was playing CF, and just turned his head a watched. Never took a step!!! I never threw Bob another strike..... more
    • WrongJack Rhodes, Fri Jul 3 9:38am
      His name is.... "Willie" Hung...ouch!
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