Darby Borough Boomers
Barbara Boesenhofer
Jack C - TC Holden/Paula
Sat Jul 4, 2009 3:18am

Paula, did you happen to notice what BVM class Jack was from? We are babies, BABIES, compared to him! Again, I say, PLEEEASE, Jack C.!!! Oh, that's right, he is a runner...which means he will be the first one running off the field with his tail between his legs! HA!!

  • Jack C - TC Holden Paula Evans Brown, Fri Jul 3 5:56pm
    Well, Jack, yes you brought me back down to earth....but I have to say, I used to be able to run pretty quick back in the day...just put a Darby cop on my tail and I can zip in no time! LOL I will... more
    • Jack C - TC Holden/Paula — Barbara Boesenhofer, Sat Jul 4 3:18am
      • Re: Jack C - TC Holden/Paulasrjdiemer50, Mon Jul 6 9:13pm
        Good one Barb ...lol ... And Paula you can't run ..you have a bad ticker ..so your gone to have to be a nurse are a cheerleader on the side line ... lol
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