Darby Borough Boomers
Barbara Boesenhofer
softball ?/Wei?
Sun Jul 5, 2009 6:29am

Are you sure about that gene thing Sugar???? I don't know girls, oh wait, I mean DARBY DOLLS, sounds like the suggestion of a Wei game is a little back peddling to me. A little along the lines of Jack C's suggestion of a checker game? I'M JUST SAYIN'!!!!!

Sugarman, I will break every nail and go buy the best pair of sneakers, for this game!!!! And really... Dizzy Broads and Darby Dolls???? Jesus Christ,my great grandfather used the terms dolls and broads!!!! I think along with our friend Jack C, you need to GET A GRIP!!!!!!

  • softball ?Joey Shuker, Sun Jul 5 4:09am
    Please Barb !! I'm pretty sure the baseball gene stopped with the men in your family !! Remember you could break a nail trying to catch one of my screaming line drives !!! I think it would way too... more
    • softball ?/Wei? — Barbara Boesenhofer, Sun Jul 5 6:29am
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