Darby Borough Boomers
kettle BELL!
Sun Jul 5, 2009 9:28am

HA HA!!!! Not even close. It's a cast iron (round) weight with a handle. Great for core work. Makes you strong!

Stick to running, Jack. Run all week long to get in the best shape you can. Then maybe you'll be able to run fast enough to get away from our WMDs!!

  • kettlejack_corcoran, Sun Jul 5 9:09am
    Something you brew your tea in.Then you pour it in your cup for your arm workout.
    • kettle BELL! — maria bellano scandle, Sun Jul 5 9:28am
      • Maria-Kettle bellslorrainedeluca, Sun Jul 5 10:04am
        Maria, I have a friend (he is very buff lol) who does teaching bells instruction. Keeps trying to recruit me. Maybe I'll try ot now that you've told me this.
        • Lorraine-do it!maria bellano scandle, Sun Jul 5 10:11am
          Oh, kettle bells are the best, Lorraine, you should give them a try! Using them is a great way to change up my boring weight routine. I hated them at first, but since then I have learned to embrace... more
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