Darby Borough Boomers
Barbara Boesenhofer
Barb B./Bob Syms
Sun Jul 5, 2009 12:57pm

Hi Rich, Yes, his dad is also Robert. Uncle Bob was once married to my mom's sister. He is now living in Florida, and comes up once or twice a year to visit my cousin and his family. He is doing well and in good health! I will tell my cousin to tell his dad you were asking for him.

  • Barb B.Rich C, Sun Jul 5 12:44pm
    On the flickr pics you have a photo of your cousin Bobby Syms. Is his dad also a Robert? I used to work with a Bobby Syms who was a letter carrier at the Clifton Hgts. Post Office and used to live on ... more
    • Barb B./Bob Syms — Barbara Boesenhofer, Sun Jul 5 12:57pm
      • BObby SymsJoan B, Sun Dec 16 12:31pm
        I am going through my Mothers Photo albums and I found pictures of Bobby Syms '1958' he is a kid on a tricycle. Also pictures of Susan Syms who is an infant in 1958. Are these the Syms you know? I... more
        • Bobby SymsRich C, Mon Dec 17 8:14am
          I know he lived on Darby Terrace.
      • BarbRich C, Sun Jul 5 2:27pm
        Cool....I met his wife,your moms sister. He used to talk about her at work a lot and what a great job she had. I was surprised when they got a divorce. I worked right next to Bob for years when we... more
        • Rich CBarbara Boesenhofer, Sun Jul 5 6:09pm
          Small world, isn't Rich?
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