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Joey Shuker
Mon Jul 6, 2009 9:07am

Please Maria !! Women may have more stamina and withstand more pain but the only woman live longer is men tire of the constant nagging from women and WANT TO DIE SOONER :).... Remember there is a reason the woman's field is smaller the bases and the fence closer !! This will be my last post on the game because I really don't believe you girls will be able to get enough to field a team !! Although if you should I think it would be so funny !!

  • Re: Did someone say RINGERmaria bellano scandle, Sun Jul 5 8:56am
    Don't YOU start, too, Joey! Why do you think women outlive men? It's no coincidence. We have more stamina, can withstand more pain, and generally are more agile than men. SO BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!
    • maria — Joey Shuker, Mon Jul 6 9:07am
      • maria/Joey ShukerBarbara Boesenhofer, Mon Jul 6 6:27pm
        Joey Sugar!!!!!! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?????? Are you serious??? We most certainly can get a team together! Just because we are not "Kitchen Bitchin" it up all over the boards (like our friend Jack... more
      • Don't give Maria a hard time!donna (costigan) wigmore, Mon Jul 6 12:00pm
        Joey, Joey, Joey. Did you say "May have more stamina?" - give birth and then we'll talk. And if the dear men in our lives didn't act like Helen Keller in drag - we may not have to repeat things ad... more
        • Donna,Barb,MariaJoey Shuker, Tue Jul 7 7:29am
          I really think you broads should stick to your sewing circles you girls are in way over your head !! Pack some sandwiches and fetch beers while the men play :)
          • Donna,Barb,Maria/JOEY SHUKERBarbara Boesenhofer, Tue Jul 7 7:44pm
            Ok...I found the following on facebook and thought that this says it all... The first jockstrap was used in hockey in 1874. The first helmet was used in hockey in 1974. IT TOOK 100 YEARS FOR MEN TO... more
            • Hockey ??Joey Shuker, Wed Jul 8 7:24pm
              Dear Nana Bab's ... sounds to me like your out in left field with a hockey stick !!! If your brain was functioning at all you would have realized you broads would never get enough players to field a... more
              • Hockey ??/Joey ShukerBarbara Boesenhofer, Thu Jul 9 4:37pm
                Sugar.....loosen the jock strap, it is effecting your brain!!! I take it back, the account is not empty, it is closed!!!! Keep rolling on the floor laughing...good practice for when you are rolling... more
              • Re: Hockey ??maria bellano scandle, Thu Jul 9 8:18am
                Oh, and I forgot Cathy. That's 10. We even have a ball girl/water girl (Donna) Who you got?
                • rosterjack_corcoran, Thu Jul 9 8:27am
                  You want all 20 names so far?Another Darby notable just signed up.Mickel{don,t call me Mick Jagger]Mc Clay.Oh yea,not just a pretty cruise director,Rich the Crusher Cologiacomo.The Diemer Demolision... more
                  • roster/Jack C.Barbara Boesenhofer, Thu Jul 9 4:21pm
                    OMG.....pushing 30????? How many does it take to "whip our asses" Jack C? That is a sad state of affairs when you need to have that many guys on stand by!! How does this work???? one of you falls,... more
                    • BBjack_corcoran, Thu Jul 9 4:33pm
                      Wondering where you were,practicing perhaps?I don,t see any leadership among the team,a little mutiny and confusion maybe?This is turning into Little Big Horn,or The Alamo,keep your white flag.GAME ON
                  • JC & Joe Shuker softballfranks146, Thu Jul 9 11:57am
                    Boys, If you need an old 3rd base coach I'm in. FS
                  • Re: rostermaria bellano scandle, Thu Jul 9 9:10am
                    YOUNGER ones are middle 50's?? That's our oldest one (me). You guys are soooooooooo done! Make sure you check with your cardiologists first, please. I'm not giving any of you mouth-to-mouth!!
              • Joey~9 for a team?maria bellano scandle, Thu Jul 9 8:01am
                Sorry to butt in here, Joey, but we DO have enough ladies already lined up and waiting to play. Chrissy, Barb, Rita, Me, Jeanne, Lorraine, Mary Lou, Dee, and Paula SO FAR. Um, that's 9, right?
            • Re: Donna,Barb,Maria/JOEY SHUKERdonna (costigan) wigmore, Tue Jul 7 8:22pm
              Joey, my man! Um-hmmmm. Now, that's what I'm talking about. Simply put, if you were playing chess (as suggested by my dear friend Jack) I think that would be checkmate. I told you she was gonna' whup ... more
          • Joey, Joey, Joey!maria bellano scandle, Tue Jul 7 1:41pm
            I don't know how to sew, Joey. Ain't that a shame? I don't pack sandwiches for my son or husband, they pack their own. They each have 2 hands. And I certainly don't do "fetch" unless I get something... more
            • Re: Joey, Joey, Joey!srjdiemer50, Tue Jul 7 4:17pm
              Too damn funny Maria .... Your right Donna ... I am waiting to see what Barb has to say now ... lmao !!! Look out Joey ..your gone to get your butt kicked ...
          • Re: Donna,Barb,Mariadonna (costigan) wigmore, Tue Jul 7 10:09am
            While reading the following statement, please shift your head left to right, all the while pulling it backwards: Oh. no. you. di-nint! You do know your dealing with Darby girls, right? Talk about... more
        • Re: Don't give Maria a hard time!maria bellano scandle, Mon Jul 6 3:08pm
          If men had to give birth, we would not be having this conversation now, would we???????????????
      • Joey~WHAT?maria bellano scandle, Mon Jul 6 9:41am
        Joey, pay attention now so I don't have to nag you to get the point across here. Women nag men because it's necessary in order to get them to do something....anything.....the first time we ask! Get... more
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