Darby Borough Boomers
Re: softball and sex?
Mon Jul 6, 2009 9:00pm

So true Maria , Good laughs and good times ...

  • softball and sex?maria bellano scandle, Mon Jul 6 4:02pm
    Isn't it always, Chuck? No matter, we are having some great laughs over this one. Better than the political ravings and anonymous insults we've had to endure lately. Give me a good old battle of the... more
    • Re: softball and sex? — srjdiemer50, Mon Jul 6 9:00pm
      • Cathy~good timesmaria bellano scandle, Mon Jul 6 9:12pm
        Yes, I agree! Good laughs for everyone. I missed the way it was on here. I'm glad some of the fun is back. I'll see you Friday night at Duke's! More good laughs and good times.
        • Re: Cathy~good timessrjdiemer50, Mon Jul 6 9:23pm
          See you at Dukes Maria ..and we will have more good times ...Glad it is back too ..That was a long haul there ... Let the good times roll ...
    • mariechuckweir, Mon Jul 6 5:49pm
      Jackie did a nice job of changing the matter go guys
    • Re: softball and sex?Rich C, Mon Jul 6 4:28pm
      Softball challenge and Battle of the Sexes? I just have one thing to say....When it comes to Balls and Bats the guys are better equiped. :-o
      • Oh no you DIDN'T!maria bellano scandle, Mon Jul 6 4:51pm
        You are sooooooooooo bad, Rich! But being better equipped doesn't always mean you'll play better, does it? You must know how to USE THE EQUIPMENT properly. OK, now I'm digressing into another subject ... more
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