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jack corcoran/workout
Wed Jul 8, 2009 9:32pm

hey clark - i've been busy working overtime and haven't been on the boards lately so i have a lot of catching up to do. i hope everyone will be at duke's this friday so i can get back into the loop! perhaps they'll be serving "one bourbon, one scotch and one beer"? x0x0x0 ..lois. p.s. chrissy hasn't been able to post on the website about this softball shenanigans so just wait until she does! i suggest you get your cape out of retirement because you're going to need it my friend!

  • workoutjack_corcoran, Sun Jul 5 8:47am
    How did you survive that killer workout?One push up.one pull up,one sit up.Oh yea,as my old buddy George Thourogood would say"one whiskey,one bourbon,one rye.
    • jack corcoran/workout — phillygirl27, Wed Jul 8 9:32pm
      • Photoskrit2577171, Thu Jul 9 12:12pm
        HI, where is Duke's at again? ON MacDade Blvd is it past the Belvadere going away from Darby? I have these photos that I've been trying to lend to someone for your archives. I can not stay.
        • Re: Photosmaria bellano scandle, Thu Jul 9 12:22pm
          Duke's is in Springfield..144 Saxer Ave (610) 543-9601. It's off of Baltimore Pike. There's a Swiss Farms on the corner of Baltimore and Saxer.
          • Near schoolkrit2577171, Thu Jul 9 12:30pm
            Oh, Ok. Is it near the Sunoco station?
            • Re: Near schoolmaria bellano scandle, Thu Jul 9 1:36pm
              Yes, about 2 more blocks up on the same side. Last building before the train tracks, before the school
              • Don't forgetkrit2577171, Fri Jul 10 12:44am
                I just hope I don't forget the day. Memory banks are obsolete, must have them refreshed.
              • OKkrit2577171, Thu Jul 9 1:52pm
                OK. I got it now. It takes stuff longer to sink into the aging concrete lol
      • Chrissyjack_corcoran, Thu Jul 9 7:56am
        That,s not like Chissy,I think it,s more fear than any thing else,when she heard the name[Ham Bone]that did it.Another one bites the dust.
    • Re: workoutmaria bellano scandle, Sun Jul 5 8:52am
      No, I used kettle bells. Do you even know what they are? NO GOOGLING!!
      • kettlejack_corcoran, Sun Jul 5 9:09am
        Something you brew your tea in.Then you pour it in your cup for your arm workout.
        • kettle BELL!maria bellano scandle, Sun Jul 5 9:28am
          HA HA!!!! Not even close. It's a cast iron (round) weight with a handle. Great for core work. Makes you strong! Stick to running, Jack. Run all week long to get in the best shape you can. Then maybe... more
          • Maria-Kettle bellslorrainedeluca, Sun Jul 5 10:04am
            Maria, I have a friend (he is very buff lol) who does teaching bells instruction. Keeps trying to recruit me. Maybe I'll try ot now that you've told me this.
            • Lorraine-do it!maria bellano scandle, Sun Jul 5 10:11am
              Oh, kettle bells are the best, Lorraine, you should give them a try! Using them is a great way to change up my boring weight routine. I hated them at first, but since then I have learned to embrace... more
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